Undertaker’s New Look, Sunny’s Offensive Ashley Massaro Remark

Undertaker Talks Boneyard Match

Undertaker’s New Look

By now, whether you watched the Boneyard Match from WrestleMania or not, you probably noticed a different look for The Undertaker.

That revamped look bore a striking resemblance to his previous American Badass run, but it was not entirely a resurrection of a gimmick long since retired.

Many fans wondered though: is there more Biker Undertaker coming?

In short, the answer seems to be yes.

According to WrestleVotes, we can expect to see more of the hybrid character, whenever we next see The Dead Man. Of course, after this past weekend, there’s new speculation that we may not see much more of The Phenom.

Fans and Superstars generally raved about the Boneyard Match. With the current situation having no end in sight, we can probably expect more matches like it.

With people also reacting positively to the new hybrid persona, it will be nice to see more of that from The Undertaker.

After all, without the benefit of a huge crowd and full arena, a traditional ‘Taker entrance just is not the same.

Still, it was a bit of a tease not getting a full on reboot of The American Badass, complete with original Kid Rock entrance music.

However, many of us have wanted to see that gimmick one more time before he hangs things up for good, so enjoy what we can.

Sunny’s Offensive Ashley Massaro Remark

WWE sunny released from prison soon

Sunny, otherwise known as Tammy Lynn Sytch, has had an interesting past few years. She was recently released from prison, after being locked up for a stretch.

She recently took to Facebook to vent about dating offers she’s been receiving since getting released. Apparently, fans have been propositioning her to date them for money.

Sytch blasted them, going so far as to say she’s not like deceased Diva Ashley Massaro. The implication there being that Massaro, at one time, may have entertained such offers.

A couple notes here. First, we can’t condone the off-color remarks aimed at the now deceased Massaro, regardless of if they are accurate or not.

Second, while no one deserves to be solicited like that, Sunny did find herself mixed up in some shady dealings prior to her most recent incarceration. While that doesn’t mean she should be getting them, she has gotten flak for choices before.

She has taken advantage of her fame for photo shoots, as many wrestling personalities do. Sunny took it to the extreme at times, offering to pose with fans in bed.

Unfortunately, some fans figured that was just one step in what she’d be interested in doing. Sytch was sure to clear that up via Facebook, so don’t bother sending your dating offers to her at this point.

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