Jerry Lawler Under Fire

Jerry Lawler is under fire this week after an unfortunate comment during Monday Night Raw. In other news, Vince McMahon’s reputation has taken a serious hit after the XFL goes bankrupt.

Jerry Lawler Under Fire

Jerry Lawler under fire after racial comment

Lawler made a rather unfortunate comment during Monday Night Raw. During a match between Austin Theory and Akira Tozawa, Lawler referred to Tozawa’s senton as a “Ramen Noodle Moonsault.”

As you can imagine, fans went crazy on social media after Jerry Lawler made the comment. Fans accused the WWE commentator of being a racist and unprofessional.

Lawler is one of the company’s most iconic commentators, but some of his comments have outraged fans. So, it seems that Lawler’s transition from the Attitude Era to current day commentating is still experiencing some issues.

Jerry Lawler has been under fire in the past for certain comments he made during matches. Unfortunately, this is no longer that Attitude Era and fans get rather sensitive whenever “inappropriate” comments are made.

While it was an unfortunate comment that should not have happened, you have to remember that Jerry Lawler is from a different generation. Some words used to be more appropriate than they are now, and even though it was not the right thing to say, we can be a little more understanding where Lawler is concerned.

Vince McMahon’s Reputation Hurt Due To XFL

Vince McMahon's reputation got a serious hit

Many people predicted that Vince McMahon’s XFL venture would not go well. That prediction has now come true, as the XFL is officially bankrupt.

The relaunch of the XFL did not go well at all. Because of the launch failing, Vince was forced to fire staff and is now looking for someone to buy the league.

Of course, the bankruptcy of the XFL has hurt Vince McMahon’s reputation considerably, especially among his peers. According to Wrestling Observer Radiothe bankruptcy has cost Vince a considerable amount of respect.

“Essentially he’s screwing the people he worked with, the coaches, the arenas, a lot of the people he owed money to was the stadiums.”

The reason why many people have lost respect for Vince McMahon is because the man is worth billions. So, while Vince McMahon does not suffer, the people who worked for him certainly do.

Coronavirus has hit everyone, no matter what job they have or who they work for. Now the XFL has gone under, that means another large number of people are losing their jobs.

While you could argue that the XFL went under because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people would argue that this is not the case. The XFL has failed before, as this was Vince’s second attempt at getting his football business of the ground.

In conclusion, the Coronavirus undoubtedly had an influence on the continuation of the XFL, as no football matches can take place. That being said, the first season of XFL in 2001 was unsuccessful as well, so it is impossible to predict if it would have been successful this time around.

Maybe, McMahon will try again in a few year. But, that seems doubtful.