WrestleMania 36 Matches Nixed

WrestleMania 36 Matches Nixed


Right now, there seems be more questions than answers in regards to WrestleMania. What we know, is that the event will not be taking place in Tampa due to the coronavirus and the event will take place over two days.

Outside of that, there are plenty of rumors. We know fans will not be in attendance. But, there is no word if WWE will try to fill in spots with talent and/or their family. Some are speculating that WrestleMania 36 will take place from several venues. Matches might be taped ahead of time. The start time is up in the air and new travel bans means superstars might not get into the Unites States. As of now there has been no final decision on the Hall of Fame or NXT Takeover Tampa. There are even those that think Vince McMahon will postpone the show. As you can tell, this is a major mess.

Originally, WrestleMania 36 was going to move forward with 16 matches. Pro Wrestling Sheet confirmed with WWE that at least two matches are scratched. The 7th Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and the 3rd Annual WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal are gone. With such a small amount of people allowed together in one spot, those matches were not logistically possible.

More Rumored Changes 

The post continued how the belief is WrestleMania 36 will not air live. Instead, everything will be taped over the next week and then pieced together. As for the next several weeks of RAW and SmackDown TV, before and after WrestleMania, the same might be done with WWE taping everything. There was no mention of NXT. Although, WWE will not be returning to Full Sail University for at least six weeks.

WWE still plans to move forward with about 14 matches. The unconfirmed matches would be announced over the next two weeks. 

Concern For Vince McMahon’s Health

WrestleMania 36 Matches Nixed

Besides the talent, there is concern over several others in WWE and All Elite Wrestling (AEW). While no coronavirus test have been given, temperatures and other medical screenings are being done.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned how there is concern over Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Jake Roberts and others. They are regulars at TV and their age puts them at high risk.

“People in the business in the last week, have brought up those names,” said Meltzer “Not all of them, but the older people, you know traveling and everything like this it’s probably not the best thing.”

“Obviously Vince wants to be there and no one’s gonna stop him, but sometimes you know you should air on the side of caution and JR has got incredible work ethic. He’s very mentally determined to do his job.”

Like Meltzer stated, those guys are committed to their job. In conclusion, outside of Vince, everyone could be forced to go home for their safety. Vince has always been a workhorse and nothing will stop him.