Rusev Gives $20K To WWE Employees Affected By Coronavirus

Rusev Gives 20K To WWE Employees

Rusev may look like a Bulgarian Brute, but his heart is always in the right place. This week, he proved it once more by donating money to WWE employees who have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Rusev Gives $20K To His Extended WWE Family

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, many WWE staff have been sent home without pay. To help them in these uncertain times, Rusev is picking up some of their costs.

While it is not uncommon for WWE superstars to do this kind of thing, it is lovely to see something like this when there is so much negativity going around. It’s a nice bit of positivity among the madness.

What Is WWE Doing For Its Staff?

What is the WWE doing for freelancers and zero contract workers?

A lot of the people who were sent home are freelancers. And, that means they technically are in business for themselves. Considering the current climate and the problems with the Coronavirus, it basically means these freelancers are going home without any income. While they are not under a guaranteed contract with the WWE, you would assume that the company would do something for the freelancers they use on a regular basis.

Fans were also quick to point out that it should not just be down to Rusev to support the WWE staff members who are currently on lockdown. The financial implications are serious for many people, and it is something a multi-billion dollar company could help with.


Financial Implications For Self-Employed And Zero Hour Contract Workers

How does the coronavirus affect freelancers?

The self-employed are likely to suffer most during this crisis. It is great that Rusev came forward with some support, but also put the spotlight on these forgotten employees. Freelancers, zero hour contract workers, and other staff are heading into what’s possibly the most uncertain time of their life.

Even larger companies such as the WWE are affected by the Coronavirus. In other words, they won’t foot the bill for zero hour contract workers and the self-employed. Unless governments put some additional help in place for these workers, it will be a tough time for them.

Does The WWE Still Employ Freelancers And Self-Employed Personnel?

Rusev Gives 20K to out of work WWE employees

At the moment, the company is solely using essential staff members. Large gatherings are not allowed and the company has to keep production staff limited. So, while the company is employing some freelancers and self-employed, most of them are finding themselves out of work.

One thing is certain, the Coronavirus may lead to more protection for freelancers and zero contract workers. Legislation can change to give these workers more protection. That would be a good lesson learned from this crisis.

Donations, such as the one from Rusev, still show a bit of humanity during these tough times. Let’s hope other WWE superstars help, too if the company doesn’t join in. If a bunch of wrestlers make small donations, then WWE employees such as freelancers and zero hour contract workers can get through this crisis a little easier. The WWE should do something for these workers too, but let’s wait and see if any action will be taken by then.

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