Leon Edwards Outlines Why “People Don’t Like” Tyron Woodley, Following Latter’s Call Out of Colby Covington

Leon Edwards

Now that UFC London has been postponed, and Leon Edwards and Tyron Woodley are no longer fighting, the latter’s turned his attention to securing a fight with Colby Covington. Is Edwards happy about Woodley’s actions? No. No he is not.

Edwards trashes Woodley for calling Covington out

Edwards was booked to fight Woodley in the headliner of UFC London this Saturday, as a result of an eight fight, winning streak. It was without question, going to the British fighter’s biggest opportunity to date. But, due to the coronavirus pandemic, and a temporary ban that was enacted for travel from the United Kingdom to the United States, the card was recently postponed.

Well, since the event was punted, Woodley has been driving for a fight with his longtime rival, Covington. The former welterweight champ hasn’t sound keen on rebooking his bout with Edwards either.

Since then, the 28-year-old Edwards spoke with MMA Fighting. While discussing Woodley’s campaign to fight Covington next, instead of him, a fired up Edwards had this to say.

“He knows the fight to happen is me and him,” Edwards said about Woodley. “Now he’s calling out Colby Covington. He’s trying to do this, trying to do that. He doesn’t want to fight me. I knew from when I beat [Rafael dos Anjos] and he was there watching it that he didn’t want to fight me.

“Now everyone can see what I’m talking about. He doesn’t want to fight me. He knows he’s going to get his ass whooped and he doesn’t want to fight me. He’s avoiding me at all costs. He’s calling out Colby when the fight got cancelled because of a world epidemic a couple of hours ago. He doesn’t want to fight me. I know it. But we need to get it rebooked. We need to get it done.”

“Now you can see why people don’t really like him,” Edwards claimed. “He moans a lot. He’s just a weird, weird guy. Me and him wouldn’t be friends outside of fighting. We’re two different human beings. Two different personalities. But you can tell why people don’t like him.”

Is Woodley ducking Edwards?

There’s no question that Edward has been on an impressive role, and that he’s one of the most underrated fighters in the welterweight division. But, when you consider the abilities of Woodley and who he’s fought during his impressive career, it seems kind of unlikely that he’s ducking Edwards.

Although hardcore fans here in North America are aware of Edwards’ impressive run, there’s no question that a bout between Woodley and Covington would be significantly bigger. Especially since Woodley and Covington have been trading verbal shots for years. So, Woodley has more to gain by fighting Colby, both on a professional and personal level.

Now it will be interesting to see whether Woodley gets his wish. Covington continues to push for a rematch with Kamaru Usman, after being finished by the welterweight champ in December.

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