Dana Brooke & Rey Mysterio Quarantined, NXT TakeOver Tampa Plans

Dana Brooke Mysterio Quarantined

The effects of the Coronavirus are felt everywhere, even in the world of Sports Entertainment. Now, the Coronavirus changes WrestleMania 36 even more; this due to two superstars being in quarantine. In other news, the WWE reveals when NXT TakeOver Tampa will be aired.

Dana Brooke & Rey Mysterio Quarantined

Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio In Quarantine

Both Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio have matches at WrestleMania 36, but these are now changed. Recent news states that both Rey Mysterio and Dana Brooke are in quarantine. 

There aren’t many details surrounding Dana’s quarantine status. The only thing that is revealed is that she was pulled from SmackDown and currently in quarantine at home. In other words, she will not be in the six-pack elimination match for the SmackDown Women’s Title.

Rey Mysterio was expected to have a match for the United States Championship. Any plans that were in the works for that have now been cancelled, as Rey is also being quarantined. Instead, Angel Garza and Andrade will be facing The Street Profits for the tag team championships.

Neither Rey or Dana have publicly commented on their quarantine. However, Dana did put a workout video on her Instagram account. If you need some workout motivation, have a look at Dana! 


Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio are currently the only ones in quarantine, but this may change in the coming weeks. As you know already, the Coronavirus is contagious and may affect more wrestlers in the runup to WrestleMania weekend. We do know that wrestlers are being tested before they are allowed in the performance center. So, if another wrestler catches the virus, we should hear the news pretty quick. We’re also sure the WWE has quite a few contingency plans. For now, we wish Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio a speedy recovery. While it has not been confirmed they are struck with the Coronavirus, we hope that they recover and take good care of themselves nonetheless.

NXT TakeOver Tampa Plans

NXT Takeover Tampa

A lot of NXT fans are disheartened about NXT Takeover Tampa being cancelled, myself included. There is no need to despair completely though, as Sports Illustrated claims Triple H has a solution!

According to Sports Illustrated, the matches from NXT TakeOver Tampa will be held in the coming weeks. It is believed the first match will start on April 1st on the USA Network.

The announcements is expected to be made by Triple H this week. However, there was a twitter announcement that already hinted at this.

While it is a shame that we won’t see the full card at once, I’m happy we get to see the feuds nonetheless. The only thing that may stop NXT is one of the wrestlers going into quarantine. Since there are many matches I look forward to, I hope that will not be the case.

As the Coronavirus continues to change the world of Sports Entertainment, WrestleNewz is committed to reporting any changes as soon as they happen. Make sure to check back in with us from time-to-time so you don’t miss out!