WWE Production Team Makes Huge Mistake During Royal Rumble

Dolph Ziggler

The WWE production team has been called out by none other than WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler. According to Ziggler – and most of the company’s fanbase – the production team failed to capture one of the most epic moments of the decade.

WWE Production Team Fails To Capture Edge’s First Return Spear

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The emotional return of Edge is a moment we all will remember for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, the production team did not manage to capture the moment properly. In fact, they failed to catch his first return spear on camera, which saw Dolph Ziggler rolling out of the ring.

Now, it is worth noting that the WWE has edited the footage on YouTube. The first spear was on Dolph Ziggler, but YouTube footage now shows it to be Karl Anderson. You could see Edge running towards Ziggler just before the footage flips to the Anderson spear.

However, lots of people noticed, especially my other half. Since Edge is his favorite superstar of all time, he hates that he missed that moment.

Ziggler’s Disappointment

Dolph Ziggler Disappointed with WWE Production Team

It is no surprise that Dolph Ziggler is disappointed, especially when you consider that Edge’s first spear was not aired during the Royal Rumble. Ziggler would later take to Twitter. He would first air his frustration asking why they cut away from an official in-ring return. He would later post a more understanding message, asking for cell phone footage.

Fortunately, the WWE’s use of countless cameras and camera switches actually benefited this case. While the overall production was not on point, one of the cameras managed to capture the moment from a different angle. So, we can see this brilliant moment. However, it is classified as “unseen footage.”

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Everyone knows that I have a real dislike of WWE’s constant camera switches. They genuinely can make you feel nauseous during a wrestling match. But in this case, I’m actually happy all those cameras were around.

Fans Respond To Production Team Error

As you can imagine, Ziggler was not the only one who was upset with the Royal Rumble production team. Fans had some choice reactions as well, many pointing to the fact that the production team made more than just the single mistake when Edge made his way out to the ring.

Of course, there was a also a good amount of helpful fans, journalists, and celebrities. They were more than happy to share their cell phone footage with Ziggler. So, for those of you who missed this special moment on Sunday, here are some additional angles for you to enjoy.

So, despite missing that epic moment on Sunday, we can now enjoy it through the “unseen footage” and some lovely cell phone captures from the WWE Universe. I would like to point out though, the quality on those cell phones is pretty amazing!

As for whose responsible, I don’t really know because I know very little about production. Nevertheless, no real harm was done since we do have the footage of that Royal Rumble moment now.

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