Michael Bisping on Why Conor McGregor Will “Smoke” Nate Diaz in Rubber Match

There’s been no shortage of talk in recent days, actually, in recent months, about who Conor McGregor will fight next, now that he’s taken out Donald Cerrone. Well, recently Michael Bisping outlined why he’s certain McGregor is going to throw hands with Diaz again. In addition, the former middleweight champ explained why he thinks McGregor will “smoke” the Stockton star.

Bisping guarantees McGregor – Diaz is on deck

Due to the fact McGregor and Diaz scored wins over each other in 2016, talk about the two fighting in a rubber match has made the rounds ever since. But, in more recent weeks, there’s been more buzz about McGregor possibly fighting Jorge Masvidal next, provided he defeated Cerrone at UFC 246. A big reason being, of course, because Masvidal defeated Diaz in November.

Well, as you know, McGregor needed just 40 seconds to take out “Cowboy” earlier this month, and it remains to be seen who is going to be next for the former champ. While talking to MMA Fighting recently, however, Bisping had this to say while weighing in on that subject.

“I mean listen, [the fight with Jorge Masvidal] would do great business, but here’s my prediction,” Bisping said. “I guarantee this is what happens with Conor next. He ain’t fighting Khabib, because Khabib’s fighting Tony [Ferguson] and then he’s got Ramadan, and Conor wants to fight again soon.

“He was talking about Nate Diaz, and Nate Diaz 3 will do big business. Conor will smoke Nate Diaz, because Nate Diaz has always been an average fighter; he just built his f*cking career on choking out Conor McGregor. The second fight he got beat, and now because of all his inactivity, Conor will smoke him. So in the meantime, we’ll get Conor-Diaz 3 and then he’ll fight Khabib later in the year. That’s my prediction.”

Now, Bisping is likely on target regarding his comments about McGregor fighting Nurmagomedov or Ferguson next. Although it seems clear Dana White wants McGregor to wait to face the winner of that April 18th bout, the star has said he doesn’t want  to sit on the sidelines.So, McGregor will likely push for a fight, and he hasn’t really gone out of his way to single Masvidal out. In other words, Bisping could be right about McGregor – Diaz III.

As far as McGregor crushing Diaz, well, a lot of folks, particularly the latter’s boosters, would likely disagree. After all, McGregor was unable to finish Diaz in their rematch, and neither man has been that active in recent years.

Bisping on Masvidal vs. McGregor

Speaking of Masvidal, Bisping also had this to say, while discussing how McGregor would do against “Gamebred” or the welterweight champ.

“I think [Masvidal is] a bad matchup for Conor,” Bisping said. “I think Kamaru (Usman) is a bad matchup for Conor. He did great on the weekend and he beat Cerrone and he’ll beat Diaz, but they’re both 155’ers.”

There you have it. You never know. Maybe McGregor will throw a curveball and target a showdown with Masvidal after all.

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