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Matt Riddle And Brock Lesnar Met Up Backstage In Houston

Matt Riddle And Brock Lesnar

That headline by itself doesn’t sound too bad, right? Lots of wrestlers meet up with other wrestlers backstage all the time. That is true enough…but in this case, one NXT Superstar has been quite outspoken about the other WWE Superstar. Matt Riddle has been very vocal about his desire to retire Brock Lesnar. Riddle, a former UFC talent turned professional wrestler, could have the chops to do it, if you believe him.

Brock Lesnar, however, does not believe him.

According to various reports, the two men crossed paths in Houston prior to the Royal Rumble last night. It’s been revealed that nothing physical came to pass. Instead, it was more of a heated verbal exchange, where Brock Lesnar reminded the younger Riddle that he shouldn’t mess with The Beast.

During the men’s Royal Rumble last night, neither man was in the ring at the same time. It could have been planned that way all along, or it is entirely possible that plans were adjusted due to the altercation earlier in the evening.

Long term, it would be very interesting to see if WWE did anything with this simmering situation. Both men are capable MMA fighters, so any future clash could be violent, interesting or over quickly. Thus far, there is no indication that this is on anyone’s planning agenda for now.

Why Was Sasha Banks Not In The Royal Rumble?

Sasha Banks

Last night, as the women’s Royal Rumble neared it’s conclusion, one Superstar was notably absent. Many had hoped or expected Sasha Banks to be an entrant. When 29 and 30 were revealed and neither was Sasha Banks, fans had every reason to wonder why The Legit Boss was not taking place in such a major show.

According to Fightful, Sasha Banks was not cleared to wrestle. Due to a lack of medical clearance, she was not permitted to perform in Houston last night.

Instead of seeing Sasha Banks run through fellow Superstars, it’s been reported that Kelly Kelly got the call to take Banks’ spot. That seems to indicate that WWE officials knew in advance that Banks was not going to be able to go. At the very least, it would seem to point to a fear that Banks would not be able to work the match, so at the very least WWE made sure they had a Plan B.

Kelly Kelly didn’t do too much in the match, but her appearance did make fans craving some nostalgia happy enough. At least the spot wasn’t a total waste (unlike, say, Santina Marella).

Back to The Legit Boss, it’s worth pointing out that she has not wrestled since January 3rd. There is no word on what her injury is at this time. There is also no indication of how long she may (or may not) be out of action for.

With WWE now firmly on the Road to WrestleMania, there is no doubt that the WWE Universe hopes that Sasha Banks returns to action soon.