Did Conor McGregor’s Post Fight Comments Show he Doesn’t Want Jorge Masvidal Fight?

Leading up to UFC 246, there seemed to be more talk about Conor McGregor fighting Jorge Masvidal, than the former champ’s actual bout with Donald Cerrone. But, after McGregor quickly took out Cerrone, the outspoken fighter didn’t really go out of his way to call Masvidal out. Well, the way “Gamebred” sees it, this indicates McGregor doesn’t really want to fight the welterweight contender.

Masvidal weighs-in on McGregor’s post-fight comments

For months now, Masvidal has been pushing for a bout with McGregor. Last fall, McGregor said he wanted to fight for the BMF title that Masvidal now holds, and before UFC 246, he also said he was interested in fighting the welterweight. As a result, talk about the two fighting has been making the rounds.

During McGregor’s post-fight interview at UFC 246, however, the brash fighter didn’t single Masvidal out while discussing his next fight. Masvidal was even on hand at the event, wearing a robe similar to one McGregor wore in 2017 (although McGregor may have referred to this in his post-fight interview).

Well, since last Saturday’s card, Masvidal appeared on the “Le Batard and Friends” podcast. While discussing McGregor’s post-fight comments, and the fact he wasn’t mentioned, Masvidal said this (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“He’s talking a lot of sh*t. But it’s all sh*t cause he doesn’t want this,” Masvidal said. “He could have cut the sickest promo — he could have cut the sickest promo of life. Had everybody extra wanting it and talking about it. We kind of understand where they’re going.

“Certain things he said on the microphone as well that he doesn’t feel he’s not up to speed, that he needs to work on this, he needs to work on that. I get it, man. Go back in there, find your timing, when you feel you’re ready for the challenge, we do it. There’s no rush. I’ll go get my title meanwhile. I’ll go f*ck up [Kamaru] Usman meanwhile, and then me and Conor can talk in the future if he wants to or not. It doesn’t really matter. I’m not here to bully people into fights or keep asking for the fight. I’m going to go about my business like I said I always will.”

Does Masvidal have a point?

It’s certainly true that McGregor didn’t emphatically call for a bout with Masvidal, and there’s no doubt that if he had, the MMA world would still be buzzing about it. So, in that sense, it’s hard to argue that McGregor missed the boat on that promotional opportunity.

But, McGregor and his team would likely say the reason he didn’t call out Masvidal, is because they’re not sure if that fight makes the most sense. Not because McGregor’s afraid to fight Masvidal, but because of other possibilities in terms of his next bout. Is he going to wait for the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguon? Is a bout with Justin Gaethje the way to go? Or a third fight with Nate Diaz?

That said, McGregor also relayed that he wants to make a title run at 170, and one would think that road has to go through Masvidal.

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