Tito Ortiz ‘Excited’ To Be Competing For Alberto El Patron’s Title

Tito Ortiz Alberto El Patron

Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz is set to face Alberto El Patron at Combate Americas this weekend.

The two will headline the first pay-per-view for the promotion from the U.S.-Mexico border

Ortiz, a member of the UFC’s Hall of Fame, was a guest on Submission Radio recently to discuss the bout. His UFC title will be on the line, along with El Patron’s WWE title.

“That’s exciting to me. That’s why I put in a 19-week camp, to have a WWE heavyweight championship belt, and I beat the guy who won one,” Ortiz said. “I guess people don’t get it. They’re not big fans of WWE like me, cause I’ve always been a huge WWE fan as a kid. Even throughout my career, I mean, I could name so many WWE wrestlers that I’ve looked up to, I’ve taken small pieces of their career and added to mine.

“From Hulk Hogan to Stone Cold Steve Austin to Dwayne Johnson. I mean, so many guys that I watched through my career. I was willing to sacrifice one of my titles, and it just makes me that much more hungry. It feels like a world championship fight, it feels like I’m fighting for my title, I’m fighting for my name, I’m fighting for my legacy. And against Alberto Del Rio, him being heavyweight WWE world champion, I’m just,I’m excited, man. I want to put on a show, I want to make it exciting for the fans to watch. Ground and pound is coming for sure.

“I’m gonna stand on my feet, I’m gonna bang, I’m gonna defend the takedown, I’m gonna punish him in the first round and take him. Let’s see if he can make it to the second round. I don’t think he will. I said I will donate $50,000 dollars to a charity if he made to the second round, just to make it interesting. But I’m gonna push the tempo, I’m gonna push it fast and I’m gonna look for a fast knockout. Or if it doesn’t happen, I’m gonna grind it out and I’m gonna hurt him, I’m gonna put some damage on him. I’m gonna look for blood, that’s for sure.”

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Ortiz was also asked about potentially taking on Brock Lesnar, to which he said Lesnar’s “in trouble.”

“All those guys are in trouble. Cause this title, I’m coming after their title. I ain’t gonna stop until then, cause I’m gonna live my dream as this American dream continues on,” he said. “I will be the heavyweight champion of WWE also. Just wait. Give me time, it’s gonna happen.”

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