More On Possible Edge Return + Will NXT Superstar Be Returning?

More Possible Edge Return

Rumors of Edge returning to WWE won’t stop. Fans love to talk about the Rated R Superstar, so the interest is there. Also, what’s up with Kacy Catanzaro?

What Is Going On With Edge Now?

Hall Of Famers Having Busy Night At SummerSlam

Ever since the Rated R Superstar was seen delivering a spear during SummerSlam in August, people have wondered: could Edge return to WWE as a wrestler? It’s something that was previously assumed to be impossible…but now, that may not be the case.

As has been mentioned earlier, it’s being reported that Edge may have recently signed a new deal with WWE. Now, nothing has been formally announced-and it’s possible nothing ever will be. Could we see Edge soon? Or is he really not cleared to wrestle?

According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer…it seems likely, if not a lock, that Edge already got some form of OK for something sooner than later. Of course, the Canadian Superstar denies this, but that really is just part of the game.

Alvarez specifically said this, when speaking about the schedule and trying to figure out what Edge might end up doing:

They are not letting Edge deliver a spear unless there is at least some semblance of clearance. Now, I don’t know if he’s fully cleared, I don’t know anything about this. All I know is Edge did this and it’s what I was told and there was a denial.

The point is valid. Even if WWE is and has been testing people, especially Daniel Bryan, frequently, then Edge surely would have already been checked out prior to delivering the spear last August.

On the flip side? Well, as he has done from the beginning, Edge denies any comeback is being set up. Maybe he’s still that good at promos…or maybe there legitimately won’t be a return to the ring.

Edge Makes His Point Clear

Then again, this is pro wrestling…it’s not as though we’d expect for him to come right out and tell us.

What Happens Next For Kacy Catanzaro?

It’s been an interesting year for one of the rising stars in NXT. Just as Kacy started to break out, her career got a bit off the rails due to various issues. At the height of this, however, she asked for (and was denied) her release.

Since that point in time, we haven’t seen much of anything from Catanzaro. That may be changing in the new year, depending on the veracity of some recent news.

Per the Wrestling Observer: Kacy Catanzaro remains under contract. Nothing much else has been said. She’s not around and the speculation was she may come back in 2020.

This is an interesting situation on a number of fronts. For one thing, the NXT Women’s Division is growing, and with talent heading to the main roster…there are opportunities to learn and shine. Kacy would be a great addition to the roster, if and when she returns.

Of course, there were also rumors that she was pushing to step away because she might have decided it was time to start a family.

Whatever she chooses to do, Kacy’s athleticism is off the charts and could allow her to become a major Superstar down the road.

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