Liv Morgan’s New Vignette Poses More Questions Than Answers

Liv Morgan

I mentioned some time ago that Liv Morgan would be an amazing singles competitor and it seems it may be happening now! Of course, the WWE is putting her through a transformation and it poses more questions than answers!

The Liv Morgan Makeover Vignettes

There has been a series of weird vignettes pointing to Morgan’s makeover. It is not the first time such a makeover has occurred, just remember Emma’s transformation to Emalina. Unfortunately, she was fired from the company not long afterwards. So, let’s hope that it goes better for Morgan.

Morgan is known as a beautiful wrestler, but the vignettes seem to hint that she is turning away from her former persona. Some fans believe that she might become Sister Abigail, at least this is what WWE fans are hoping.


The WWE could consider Morgan as Sister Abigail. There were rumors some time ago that Kaitlyn was supposed to appear as Sister Abigail, but then the company changed their mind. Maybe there could be a new Sister Abigail in the works?

If the company will not use Morgan as Sister Abigail, we wonder what kind of character they’ve come up with for her. It is clearly something darker than her previous riotous character. One thing is certain, however, it clearly shows that Morgan is no longer a part of the Riott Squad. She has officially distanced herself in one of the most recent vignettes.

Of course, the darkness of the vignette could mean less. It could just be something to put us on the wrong track. She might come back as a face persona, although the mood in the vignette makes that unlikely.

Fears From The WWE Universe

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Not everyone is excited about Morgan’s transformation, as some fans fear she will  go down the same route as Emma. Former WWE wrestler Emma underwent a transformation of her own, only to change right back as soon as she came out. The company had given up on her in minimal time, which eventually led to her release some weeks later.

Now that the WWE are trying the transformation with Morgan again, many people are afraid what will happen to Morgan if she cannot pull this off. The company undoubtedly has a character in mind for her, so we hope that she can portray that character. She certainly has the attention of fans.

As of now, there is no news about Morgan’s return date. With the return of Emma, we had at least three vignettes before a return date was announced. They could make the return for Morgan in the same manner, with an actual announce date. It peaks the curiosity of a lot of viewers and is bound to draw more people in when a date in announced. Of course, they could also have her appear at a special time; maybe to challenge for a single’s title in the women’s division? If the latter is the case, then her return could make a big splash at a pay per view.

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