WWE on Fox Destroys AEW’s Pay-Per-View Finish

WWE On Fox Insults AEW

The WWE is not beyond some thinly veiled insults, especially on social media. With another attack from the WWE in the direction of AEW, the war between both promotions intensifies.

A Finish That Would Not Happen on WWE on Fox

WWE on Fox could not resist poking some fun at AEW’s pay-per-view ending. During the match between Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, WWE on Fox tweeted that throwing a towel in the ring does not happen in World Wrestling Entertainment. Rey’s son Dominic teased throwing a towel in the ring, much like MJF threw a title in the ring for Cody Rhodes during AEW Full Gear. Evidently, the company took advantage and pointed out the weird ending of the event.

Social Media War Between WWE and AEW


NXT and AEW have been at war for some time. While the war started out tame with little to no insults going back and forth, things seem to be intensifying now.

Before the veiled insult on social media during Survivor Series, there was an argument between Randy Orton and Tony Khan, the owner of AEW wrestling. The argument between Orton and Khan became personal when Orton mentioned Khan’s father being investigated for fraud.

In addition to the personal attacks between managers, promoters, and wrestlers, you also have the disgruntled former WWE wrestlers. Guys like Dean Ambrose and Tye Dillinger have been vocal about their discontent with the company. Chris Jericho also had no problems stating the reasons why he left World Wrestling Entertainment.

Unlike the WWE, AEW is not that strict with letting its superstars talk to the media. Why would they be? Many of their staff are disgruntled wrestlers that used to work for World Wrestling Entertainment. Then, there are also wrestlers who would never work for the WWE due to a bad experience or simply because of the company’s ethics.

The Future of Wrestling Promotions?

WWE Network

While there is more wrestling than ever before on television and applications, not everything is good news for wrestling fans. In fact, the negativity that envelops wrestling these days is difficult to handle. From personal attacks on social media to a constant slew of negative rumors, the wrestling world has permanently changed. Wrestling used to be exciting and fun, but now it seems more like a political game.

It is difficult to tune into wrestling these days and not be exposed to something negative. For example, we all know about Randy Orton and his personal feud with Khan. Then, we got a glimpse into wrestling from former WWE superstars. It’s an image that is not that pretty. We know about Brock Lesnar and how he is treated differently than other wrestlers. Has it gotten to a point where wrestling is a chore to watch? Almost like a soap opera where nobody is ever happy? As a wrestling fan, I find myself struggling with these questions. I wonder if others are, too. While I will never lose my love for a good wrestling match, you have to wonder how far this war will go?

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