Trish Stratus Wants Another Championship Run In The WWE?

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus was one of the guests inΒ WWE The Bump, right alongside The New Day. Stratus made some revelations during her appearance, which has many of the WWE Universe talking.

Trish Stratus Is Up For Another Championship Run

Trish Stratus

When the discussion went to The New Day’s seventh championship reign in the WWE, Trish Stratus mentioned that she would love another championship run herself. Of course, she did say she only wants one if The New Day reaches their eight championship run.

Joking Or Serious?

Trish Stratus

It is highly likely that Trish Stratus was joking about another championship run, but her statement could actually have real consequences. If the WWE like the idea of Stratus having another championship run, then they might discuss the possibility with her.

Despite being retired for some time, she can still run with the best of them. She currently owns her own yoga studio, which enables her to keep in excellent shape.

In recent memory, Stratus has made a couple of returns to the WWE. She faced Charlotte Flair and entered the women’s Royal Rumble. From her appearances, Stratus showed that she is still very much a serious competitor. So, I would not be opposed another title run for her.

Impressed With Women’s War Games

Women's War Games

In addition to mentioning another championship run, Trish Stratus also mentioned how impressed she was with the Women’s War Games, which took place at the latest TakeOver.

The Women’s War Games match was one of the most impressive matches of the night. Not only did Dakota Kai turn heel, it was one of the more brutal and impressive matches in a long time.

Stratus also stated how impressed she was with Rhea Ripley. Ripley did have an amazing week. She won War Games in an impressive manner, but also came out victorious in the Women’s Survivor Series match and pulled in the win for NXT. Needless to say, Rhea Ripley left a lasting impression with Trish Stratus and the rest of the WWE Universe.

Update On Xavier Woods’ Recovery

Xavier Woods

The New Day also joined Trish Stratus forΒ WWE The Bump.Β During their appearance, we also got a quick update on Xavier Woods’ status.

Xavier Woods has been out of action for quite some time due to an injury. However, he mentioned that his recovery is going well during his interview. He is currently set to start physiotherapy next week. And, he said how excited he is to start his own new podcast dubbed “The New Day (Feel The Power).” The podcast is scheduled to begin next week. He also stated that he would love to be back in time for the King of the Ring tournament. It remains to be seen if he will make it in time for the event, but things are looking bright at the moment.

During the interview, Big E was also asked if he had any ambitions to do a singles run. While he did not give a definite answer, he did mention that he would consider it, if the chips fall that way.

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