Several Injured WWE Superstars on the NXT Roster Revealed

It is an extremely busy time for NXT with the runup to Survivor Series and War Games. Unfortunately, it has now been revealed that several WWE superstars on the developmental roster have injuries that could see them on the sidelines. Will this affect the ratings?

NXT’s Champion Suffers Eye Laceration

Adam Cole

Adam Cole has suffered a laceration over his eye due to an attack by the OC. His injury does not seem to be severe enough to keep him out of the running at Survivor Series though, but no official statement has been released by the WWE at this point.

A severe injury for Cole would be quite problematic especially when you consider he will be playing a huge role in the upcoming pay-per-view Survivor Series. He is expected to lead the charge against the other brand alongside Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa.

Bobby Fish Suffers Internal Injuries

Bobby Fish

Among all the injury reports and rumors, Bobby Fish seems to be the most severe. NXT announced that Fish suffered several internal injuries. He also lost one of his teeth due to the attack by the OC. Fish’s status is currently unknown as the developmental brand still awaits his MRI results.

Fish is a vital cog in the wheel that is The Undisputed Era. If Fish will be missing from action, it could have a negative influence on the faction. They are currently draped in gold, but this could all change with Fish on the injured bench.

Damian Priest Suffers Possible Back Fracture

Damian Priest

Another serious injury that has unfortunately struck Damian Priest who is a recent addition to the WWE superstars roster. NXT has revealed that Damian Priest suffered a potential back fracture after an attack from Killian Dain. X-rays were taken and the results are pending.

Damian Priest has only just started on the developmental roster and is one of the latest WWE superstars. So, an injury like that – which could take a considerable time to recover from – could be a serious threat to Damian Priest’s career. Fans who were not familiar with Priest from the indie scene were just getting to know him, so I hope his injury is less severe than first thought.

Dakota Kai Suffers Sprained Knee

Dakota Kai

Female WWE superstars are not excluded from injuries either this week. Dakota Kai suffered a sprained knee during her match against current NXT Champion Shayna Baszler.

While a sprained knee might not seem that severe, Kai has a history of knee injuries. The sprain also occurred on the same knee she’s injured in the past.

It is important to note that Kai has not been placed on the injured list at the moment, but her knee is a cause for concern considering her history. Right now, the WWE is keeping an eye on her condition. Hopefully, Kai will recover in time for War Games. The first ever women’s War Games will be held and it would be such a shame if she were to miss it.

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