NXT Finally Conquers Number One Spot Over AEW Dynamite


While it has taken some time for NXT to take the lead from AEW, it has finally happened. Several months have passed and All Elite Wrestling proved rather dominant in the ratings. Now, the WWE’s developmental brand has taken the crown.

Big Increase For NXT + Big Drop For AEW


The big increase in viewers for NXT could be explained by Survivor Series. After all, the black and gold brand will be participating in the upcoming pay-per-view this Sunday. As various developmental wrestlers have made appearances on the main roster, you have to wonder if some of the main roster fans are tuning into developmental at the moment.

Nevertheless, this week brings a clear victory for WWE’s developmental brand, who tops the proverbial charts at 916,000 viewers. AEW Dynamite had to deal with a serious drop, going from 957,000 last week to 893,000. So, the main event including Jon Moxley and Darby Allin did not draw the crowd as it should have done.

Even if Survivor Series is responsible for the increase in viewers for WWE’s developmental brand, it does not necessarily mean that this will drop after the event. If fans are impressed enough with what they saw, they could tune in again next week. So, it is not great news for All Elite Wrestling after being on top for many weeks.

Cody Rhodes Responds to the Ratings

Cody Rhodes AEW

Cody Rhodes often responds to speculation about ratings and the war between NXT and AEW. He did so again this time by posting a message on social media.

So, Rhodes is not denying or finding excuses for the decrease in viewership. It needs to be said that AEW Dynamite was fantastic this week. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason why people din’t tune in as much. That being said, it is refreshing to see someone admitting defeat as opposed to finding excuses like WWE usually does. The wrestling world can be very much smoke and mirrors, so this is a refreshing stance from the former WWE champion and current AEW golden boy.

AEW Holding Tight to One Demographic

Despite the lower ratings this week, it has to be said that All Elite Wrestling is keeping a strong hold on one of the most important demographics at the moment, the 18-49 demographic. WWE has failed to capture and keep this demographic over the months, yet AEW seems to retain it at the moment. That being said, the difference is not that great. AEW retains with 0.39 over NXT’s 0.30.

On the other hand, All Elite Wrestling is having more trouble with the 50+ demographic. At the moment, they have 0.29 compared to NXT’s 0.40. Therefore, it can be said that both brands are capturing a part of the wrestling market.

The weeks to come will be interesting to say the least. One cannot tell a lot from the overall numbers, so demographics are becoming more important here. As All Elite still has the younger demographic, one could argue that their future as a wrestling promoter is more secure. On the other hand, the difference between both brands is quite minimal at the moment.

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