More Rumors About NXT Leaving Full Sail University

NXT has not been travelling since the brand found its home at Full Sail University. However, this could all come to an end soon, at least if PW Insider is to be believed.

Contractual Obligations for NXT Until 2020


According to PW Insider, the WWE has a contract with Full Sail University a.k.a Winter Park, Florida up until March 2020 according to a report by Dave Meltzer. While most things involving him should be taken with a grain of salt, it does pose an interesting question. Should the developmental brand remain at Full Sail or would it benefit more from travelling?

Hectic Travelling Schedules for Wrestlers?


One of the negatives about moving the developmental brand to various venues is that it would cause hectic travelling schedules for the resident wrestlers. A big benefit of staying in one place is that wrestlers do not have to spend loads of time travelling, so they can spend a little more time at home.

As you may know, the travelling schedules of the main roster can be absolutely insane. Some wrestlers have struggled with mental health problems because of them. So keeping a resident location might be the better option for the wrestlers well being.

Bigger Venues


The WWE is undoubtedly considering moving NXT around to reach more fans and get more revenue from attendance. All Elite Wrestling is moving around a lot, so WWE’s developmental brand needs to compete with that.

Even though moving developmental around may not be the best thing for the welfare of the wrestlers, it can be the better option for the business. If WWE is looking to attract more viewers to NXT, travelling could help. Still, I think the brand will remain in the United States and is unlikely to travel internationally. Even though I would love to see US NXT here in the UK, I doubt it will happen with the UK version being around.

Is It The Best Thing For Developmental?

It remains to be seen if a move is truly the best thing for NXT. I have to admit that I love the smaller venue atmosphere and I would even travel to the United States to view it in person.

The last thing I would want is NXT turning into the main roster. When you compare both products, you have to admit that the production value is quite different. I’m not claiming that the developmental brand is worse. In fact, I think it is better. The action on developmental seems to come through on our television screens in a better way and I am afraid this could be lost if the brand moves around. After all, bigger venues require different production methods.

On the other hand, moving the brand to different venues could grow the NXT brand and make it appear more important than it currently is. Or at least how it appears to be. But do fans really want to lose the atmosphere that currently reigns NXT? There are some things that make the developmental brand special and being in the small venue is one of them.

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