Lana And Rusev’s Storyline Not Ending Anytime Soon?

Lashley Lana

Despite rumors that the WWE is thinking of ending the storyline with Lana, Bobby Lashley and Rusev, it seems that the rumor was completely unfounded. In fact, Rusev has now spoken up in defense of the storyline and Monday Night Raw showed no signs of slowing it down.

Lana’s Shocking Confession to Rusev

Lana and Rusev

Lana gave a shocking confession on Monday Night Raw this week, claiming she was pregnant. Of course, it was all a ploy to give Bobby Lashley the upper hand.

Even though I’m a fan of this storyline, not everyone likes it. In fact, Corey Graves has been quite critical of the storyline and would like nothing better than something a little more substantial for Rusev and Bobby Lashley. Many fans and media channels agree with the statement, so it seems I’m alone in liking this weird and wonderful angle.

Based on the events on Monday Night Raw, it is unlikely that this storyline will be cancelled soon. It is possible that this leads to a big feud at Survivor Series or another pay-per-view. Most people do have a genuine idea of where the storyline will go, but the reason behind it is still unclear.

Rusev Defends the Storyline

Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley

Despite the heavy criticism the storyline has gotten from fans and wrestling reporters, Rusev has now defended his storyline angle. While speaking with Digital Spy, Rusev said the following.

“How can I not be happy? It’s the hottest storyline in the whole WWE, it’s been the hottest for years. So of course, I’m happy with it”.

I do have to agree with Rusev on this. Many fans and wrestling reporters have been quick to nix the storyline, but it is one of the most talked about stories in the WWE over the five past years. So, does this mean the storyline is really that bad, or that it does capture true emotions from the WWE Universe? Still, I think Rusev said it best during his interview with Digital Spy. 

“Just because Corey Graves doesn’t like it or somebody else it doesn’t mean anything. Obviously, the numbers speak for itself, we’re the highest-viewed YouTube video in a long, long time. I’m stoked about it.”

Internet Warriors Versus Fans


During the interview, Rusev also revealed that the fans he meets are quite positive about the storyline. He says that it is the super ultra fans in their basement who’re rejecting the storyline.

Over the years, there have been storylines and angles I haven’t liked, but I do like this one. It is easy to criticise the product these days, especially for me as it is my job to delve into what’s workind and what’s not working. However, in this case I don’t agree with the large “perceived” majority. I’ve wanted a bigger role for both Rusev and Lana for the longest time and this storyline gives this to them. I much rather have them in the main spotlight than backstage in catering. So, for now, I’m just enjoying the ride this crazy storyline is bringing me.

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