Jimmy Havoc AEW

Jimmy Havoc caused quite a bit of controversy this week, as he attacked another wrestler with a staple gun during Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale. Now, AEW has responded by fining him. Here is the story.

Jimmy Havoc Fined $10,000 for Staple Gun Use

AEW has found an interesting way to make a staple gun the news of the week. During the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale, Havoc attacked his opponent with a staple gun. All Elite Wrestling has responded on social media by fining him $10,000. In fact, if he uses the staple gun again in the future, he will be fined the same amount again.

There are many angles to play with this staple gun. Now, fans are aware that if he uses it, he will be fined. Evidently, this makes the use of his favorite tool a lot more fun for fans to watch. If he attempts to use it, I have no doubt that fans will be in his corner.

It is not uncommon for wrestling promoters to use the “fine” angle. The WWE has used this angle numerous times in the past, although they have not done much with it in terms of storylines. It remains to be seen if this particular fine will have any consequences for Jimmy Havoc and his storylines with AEW.

Havoc’s Controversial Wrestling Character


In the world of controversial wrestling characters, Jimmy Havoc from AEW certainly takes the cake. He has been in the news numerous times for his controversial stunts and this time is no different.

It is not the first time Havoc has been in the news this year. He has a reputation for being unpredictable inside and outside of the ring. In November, the news came that Havoc had a fight with amember of AEW’s staff. It was even revealed that Jimmy had the fight in front of Tony Khan, the owner of AEW. Havoc did not turn out to be victorious though, as Excalibur put him in a chokehold and put him to sleep. While Excalibur tried to sort out the fight between them afterwards, Havoc responded by throwing his phone at him.

Havoc is a British wrestler who originates from Dartford, Kent. He started his wrestling career in 2004, when he made his debut in the independent circuit. He trained as a wrestler at NWA UK Hammerlock with Andre Baker and Jon Ryan.

At the start of his career, Havoc solely wrestled under Hammerlock. In 2006, he started exploring the rest of the indie scene in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Jimmy Havoc is currently signed with All Elite Wrestling. He made the official announcement in February, 2019 and he debuted at the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view, where he took part in a pre-show battle royale for the AEW World Championship. He was eventually eliminated by Luchasauras, but lasted throughout the match nonetheless.

Despite his lengthy career, Havoc has never picked up by the WWE. Whether it is due to his controversial character or a lack of interest on behalf of Havoc remains to be seen.