Impact Wrestling Superstars

Everyone loves Thanksgiving, but we all spend it in different ways. This is the same for Impact Wrestling superstars, who all have their own Thanksgiving traditions. Curious which traditions Impact Wrestling superstars uphold?

What Are Impact Wrestling Superstars Most Grateful For?

Impact Wrestling Brian Cage

Brian Cage mentioned he was grateful for many things, including his family, wife and the fact he won his first world title. Cody Deaner stated how he was grateful that his 247-member family could all fit around the Thanksgiving table.

Josh Alexander showed his true passion for wrestling this Thanksgiving. He was grateful for the following:

“Being able to show the world something it’s been missing for far too long: True, proper tag-team wrestling.”

What Do You Look Forward to The Most on Thanksgiving?

Madman Fulton

As we mentioned in the introduction, there are lots of traditions to look forward to during Thanksgiving. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of traditions being upheld by the Impact Wrestling superstars.

According to Madman Fulton, his favorite tradition is spending time with his extended family members. He mentions how Thanksgiving is the only time he has to do just that.

Madison Rayne is the superstar that enjoys Thanksgiving food the most. Of course, this is no surprise when you consider how wrestlers have to stick to their calories.

“…eating a gluttonous amount of pumpkin pie, knowing that holiday calories don’t count…”

Which Wrestler Would You Invite To Your Thanksgiving Dinner?

Jordynne Grace

One of the more interesting questions on the list is who Impact Wrestlers would invite to their homes for Thanksgiving dinner. Naturally, there were a bunch of interesting choices. Here is who people chose.

Cody Deaner – Jake The Snake Roberts
Brian Cage – Macho Man Randy Savage
Rai Singh – Kurt Angle
Jordynne Grace – Eddie Guerrero
Josh Alexander – Bret Hart, Owen Hart and Lance Storm

The only wrestler who did not answer the question is Rohit Raju. He stated he would not invite anyone, because they would eat all his food.

Which Is Your Favourite: Pecan Pie Or Pumpkin Pie?

Cody Deaner

Two of the most popular desserts on Thanksgiving are Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie. But which carries the preference of Impact wrestlers?

Pecan Pie seems to hold the large majority for Thanksgiving with 10 votes over 2. Although, Rosemary stated she could easily eat Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie over the holidays. Rohit Raju did not want either, he preferrs Oreo Pie.

Catch Up On Throwback Throwdown

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If you’ve watched WWE’s Survivor Series and NXT Takeover, but could use another event to fulfill your appetite from wrestling. Then, be sure to catch up on Throwback Throwdown. You can enjoy a number of former WWE superstars, including Rich Swann. There is also some new talent to look at, so if you still need more wrestling after this epic wrestling week, Impact Wrestling will provide what you need.

Throwback Throwdown took this week, so the results are out already. Still, if you do not want any spoilers, head over to Impact Wrestling and get your wrestling catch-up on. Despite being the indies, it is certainly worth it.