Reactions On Hell In A Cell Finish From Backstage + Vince McMahon

Reactions On Hell In A Cell Finish From Backstage + Vince McMahon

Reactions On Hell In A Cell Finish From Backstage

-WWE knows that they cannot please everyone all the time. It’s an impossible task. That said, a well-scripted match or a nicely executed finish will generally please most of the crowd, with the holdovers likely being fans who simply didn’t see their Superstar win.

Last night, at the 2019 edition of Hell In A Cell…no one left happy.

The main event match, taking place within the Cell, pitted Universal Champion Seth Rollins against The Fiend, Bray Wyatt’s alter ego.

The match saw The Fiend take a ton of finisher-level offense (plethora of Curb Stomps and more) and he kept coming back for more. Ultimately, when Rollins began using a sledgehammer, the referee inexplicably called for a stoppage. The chaos continued post-stoppage, however, with Wyatt still feisty and fighting back.

Backstage reaction to the stoppage has been reported as quite baffled, to put it nicely. Fightful reported that Superstars were “taken aback” by the ending, and that many called it bizarre.

Fans, for their part, were thinking the same thing. Very loud chants of “refund”, “AEW” and other less savory choices could be heard as the show was wrapping up. Considering the kind of week WWE had leading up to this PPV, this was not the finish you’d have expected or wanted for this week.

Vince McMahon’s Hell In A Cell Reaction

-Fans and Superstars were not the only ones with a reaction to last night’s bizarre ending. Vince McMahon, who was backstage last night and obviously McMahon also has a hand in coming up with the match outcomes and how they are reached. Of anyone involved, he’s one who has a lot to do with making it go good, or in this case, bad.

According to Fightful. the word is that Vince McMahon knows he messed up the ending.

In other news from Wrestling Observer, those within WWE management have gone so far as to consider the ending of last night’s show a disaster.

As bad as the ending was, RAW happens tonight and gives WWE a chance to quickly right the ship. At week’s end, Friday Night SmackDown kicks off the latest WWE Draft, which will shake things up and, just maybe, let fans forget just how terrible Hell In A Cell ended.