The Fiend

As WWE heads to Saudi Arabia for its most controversial show of the year, fans are eagerly awaiting the championship match between Seth Rollins and The Fiend.

Since his rise as The Fiend, Bray Wyatt has been pegged as the next Universal Champion. Of course, one does have to wonder if this will happen with Wyatt’s move to SmackDown. Nevertheless, fans are certain Wyatt will take the title from Seth Rollins this time.

The Fiend Fails At Hell In A Cell

Hell In A Cell 2019

Fans were convinced that Bray Wyatt would take the title from Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell. The Fiend would have been the obvious choice, especially considering the way Wyatt has been built over the months. However, the WWE had other ideas though and the match ended in disqualification. Evidently, fans were not impressed.

Fans Believe Wyatt Will Beat Rollins

The Fiend

Many fans are speculating that The Fiend will take the win at WWE’s most controversial pay-per-view event, Crown Jewel. Another disqualification would cause an uproar among fans, so this match will need an outcome. The company cannot afford to make Wyatt lose his big pay-per-view match either, especially since they started building him up. So, the obvious and most logical answer is that The Fiend takes the win.

A falls count anywhere match seems to indicate a definite outcome for the match as well. Nevertheless, fans have been rather skeptical about the upcoming event.

Rollins Bookie Favorite

Seth Rollins WWE

Fans might be picking The Fiend as the potential winner, but bets at the local bookies claim otherwise. In fact, Rollins is the stern favorite at the moment. At the time of this article, Seth Rollins is the bookie favorite with 4/7.

When you think about it logically, Seth Rollins beating The Fiend would not be that unusual. After all, Bray Wyatt has been drafted to Smackdown Live and Seth Rollins to Raw. I cannot see the Universal Championship being moved to SmackDown Live, so a win for Wyatt would be unprecedented.

Putting Rollins and Wyatt on separate brands before they face one another in a title match was definitely a bad idea. It has been done before and the results are usually the same. Whenever the match was for a specific brand title, the title always remained with the wrestler on the respective brand.

Crown Jewel Criticism

Despite the big match between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt, as well as Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman, Crown Jewel has suffered a considerable amount of criticism from fans and reporters alike. Here are the most noticeable comments.

Many fans are calling for a boycott of the event for many reasons. We reported some time ago that Saudi Arabia ordered the murder of a famous Washington Post journalist, who was a heavy critic of the Saudi regime. This has caused many fans to tune out of the pay-per-views in Saudi Arabia. In addition to that, women are not allowed to wrestle during the event, which stands in stark contrast with our own western values. Evidently, it is up to fans whether or not they boycott the event.