Edge Denies Huge Rumor About His Future, Jeff Hardy Arrested Again

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Edge Denies Rumor He Has Been Medically Cleared For In-Ring Competition

There has been speculation over the past few days that Edge and WWE were discussing the possibility of him wrestling again. Originally, FightOracle noted that Edge had been medically cleared by doctors, but “The R Superstar” shot down that story.

This could be a matter of WWE and Edge trying to keep his clearance somewhat of a secret. Or, the information out there is inaccurate and Edge still has not been medically cleared.

It was was about nine years ago that Edge was forced into early retirement. It was a culmination after breaking his neck 15 years ago and taking repeated bumps. Edge did get physical at SummerSlam with Elias, which has some thinking that he will be back inside a WWE ring.

Jeff Hardy Arrested For Driving While Impaired

Despite being off TV, Jeff Hardy continues to make news for all the wrong reasons. Jeff was arrested during the evening of October 3 for driving while impaired. He was released the same day at 11:30 PM EST according to the North Carolina’s Moore County Police Department records.

Jeff returned to WWE around the time of WrestleMania after taking time off due to injuries. His return did not last long as he needed another surgery in May and will miss anywhere from six to nine months of action.

Back in July, Jeff was arrested at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for public intoxication. In the past, Jeff has struggled with substance abuse and even spent a short time in jail while under contract for Impact Wrestling. His brother, Matt Hardy, posted the following message on Twitter.