Sasha Banks

Rumor is going around that Sasha Banks has suffered a significant injury at Hell in a Cell. In addition to Sasha Banks, it is claimed that Bray Wyatt has suffered an injury at the pay-per-view too. If proven accurate, the cell has certainly claimed a couple of victims this year.

Sasha Banks Injured At Hell In A Cell?

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

According to Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio, Sasha Banks has suffered an injury at Hell in a Cell. While this should be taken with a grain of salt, as the source is Dave Meltzer, many fans still believe the story is accurate due to Banks’ absence.

Meltzer claims that the injury Sasha Banks has suffered is relatively severe and that it is currently unclear when she will be back in the wrestling ring. Interestingly, there is no word on the nature of the injury. It is claimed that Sasha Banks does not want the injury to be known. However, sources are relatively certain that the injury is not a concussion.

Banks has not been back in the WWE for very long. Her first return pay-per-view being Hell in a Cell, it would be no surprise that she got injured. After all, the match between herself and Lynch was absolutely brutal. It is a wonder that both wrestlers did not encounter serious injuries.

Hell in a Cell has a reputation of being brutal. Some of the most iconic wrestlers have encountered serious injuries at this pay-per-view; this includes Mick Foley and Edge. Let’s hope Sasha Banks’ injury is not severe and she can return to wrestling as soon as she wants to.

Even with an injury, the match at Hell in a Cell was so spectacular she could be away for several months and return without any trouble. If she is injured however, I hope she takes the time she needs to recover fully.

Bray Wyatt Suffers Injury At Hell In A Cell?

In addition to Sasha Banks, Bray Wyatt may have suffered an injury during the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view too. Opposed to Banks, a little more is known about the injury Wyatt suffered.

According to Dave Meltzer, the injury suffered by Wyatt is relatively minor. While he did not make an appearance on Raw, he did do a mandible claw on Cesaro during the dark segment. So, it is believed that the plans for Bray Wyatt will continue as planned.

There has been significant speculation about Bray Wyatt entering a potential match with The Undertaker at Crown Jewel. There is also some talk that Wyatt could take the WWE Championship, so there are undoubtedly lots of things in the works for Wyatt.

Since the creation of “The Fiend”, things have been going really well for Bray Wyatt. Getting an injury now would be devastating, as it is clear that the WWE have invested a considerable amount in “The Fiend”. After all, it is one of the few characters that has resonated with the WWE Universe in recent history. Let’s hope that the minor injury of Bray Wyatt will not prevent any of these great storylines in the nearby future.