NXT Triple H

As big NXT lovers, we wrote down our concerns about what would happen to the brand if Vince McMahon starts interfering with it. However, if Triple H is to be believed – like his recent interview with talkSPORT suggests – he will be the one to maintain control of NXT.

Triple H Sets The Record Straight With talkSPORT

NXT Triple H

During an interview with popular sports news outlet talkSPORT, Triple H lifted the lid on the changes that are about to happen at NXT. When asked about the role of Vince McMahon in the new NXT, Triple H had the following to say.

“In simple terms, he’s [Vince McMahon] not involved [with NXT]. Yeah, he’s gonna have say in some things like the brand sits and the marketing of it with USA and clearly, whatever he wants to do, at the end of the day. But at this point in time, he’s basically said, ‘Go make this thing a success.’” – Triple H for talkSPORT

Fans Want HHH


When you look at the NXT product, it is no surprise that fans want HHH to keep control of the brand. After all, we get excellent wrestling with good production value and zero of the problems that plague the main roster. Here are some of the things I personally love about NXT.

Fewer Injury Repercussions

Even though the NXT roster has just as many injuries and the main roster, it seems they impact the careers of returning superstars less. I do believe that can be attributed to the fact that HHH has been there. He has suffered serious injuries in the past and had to work his way back up. No wonder NXT superstars are not eager to be called up to the main roster.

More Creative Freedom

Another brilliant thing about NXT is the immense creative freedom talent gets to have. Yes, HHH does control some of the creative aspect of things. But at the end of the day, wrestlers are allowed to come up with their own ideas. In main roster wrestling, we never get to see most of those ideas.

Talent Is Allowed To Shine

HHH also has a brilliant eye for talent. Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa are prime examples. If they ended up on the main roster immediately, I doubt people would have gotten to see their value. With his stint on NXT, Johnny Gargano is revered as one of the best wrestlers. Tomasso Ciampa is also one of the best heels, a character he was allowed to develop.

Better Wrestling

At NXT, the emphasis lies on the wrestling, not on silly gimmicks. Yes, wrestlers still have gimmicks, but it is not the controlling factor. Their performance in the ring and their ability to put on a good match is what’s noticed.

For die-hard wrestling fans, good wrestling goes a long way. It is more important than the appearance of a part timer. It’s more important than a big, imposing guy with not as much wrestling acumen. NXT the way it is today is the future of wrestling.