For the longest time, the WWE was the final destination for wrestling superstars. Known as the biggest wrestling promotion around the world, the company certainly has a lot of top talent on its roster. However, this does not mean everyone is given the attention they deserve. Here are the superstars the WWE has given up on in recent memory.

Top WWE Tag Teams – The Authors Of Pain & The Ascension

There have been a number of tag teams who made it to main roster WWE, only to disappear shortly afterwards. The Authors of Pain and the Ascension are prime examples. Even though incredibly successful in NXT, they quickly disappeared on the main roster. AOP is often forgotten, while The Ascension’s sole purpose has been jobbing for other tag teams.

Those of us who remember these tag teams from NXT truly realise just how much the main roster is missing out by not using the skills of these teams. While the AOP did get some TV time recently, The Ascension is still very much in the background.

The Most Positive Guy In The Company – Apollo Crews

WWE Apollo Crews

Being backstage can certainly do damage to your own psyche. However, a guy who has been extremely positive despite his main roster misfortune is Apollo Crews. Even though he has stated that he would love some more TV time and a bigger role within the company, he remained hopeful for the future.

Apollo Crews has always been a tricky discussion point. He is absolutely amazing in the ring, yet his character never really hit off with the WWE Universe. While there are more wrestlers who are brilliant in the ring, but do not have a good persona, this is something that has hurt Apollo Crews considerably within the company.

The True Bo-Liever – Bo Dallas

Even though his real-life brother Bray Wyatt is insanely successful at the moment, Bo Dallas is still very much in the background. He has been around for a lot longer than most people think as well, which makes his understated role in the WWE even worse.

Despite the fact that the company nixed the Bo-Lieve gimmick, it was actually one of my favorite gimmicks when it came out. It was a great heel thing and annoying to boot, so I do not really understand why the company has axed it completely.

A similar fate happened to Curtis Axel, who had a successful gimmick alongside Damien Sandow.

Resident Female Bodybuilder Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke is one of the stories I am most sad about. I have been following Dana since NXT and I wholeheartedly believed she would be a major success on the main roster. However, it was not meant to be.

Upon her arrival on the main roster, it quickly became clear that the WWE had a jobber role in mind for her. Despite her jobber role, this is a woman with a lot of potential. I’m just sad it is being wasted.

Impact Wrestling Superstar EC3

EC3 believed that his second run in the WWE would be a successful one. Based on his performance in NXT, many fans believed the same. However, soon as he arrived on the main roster, it almost seemed like the company wanted his hype and gimmick to die. Maybe he was punished for his years in competing promotion Impact Wrestling? After all, EC3 was an extremely successful wrestler at TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling.

Former Sanity Leader Eric Young

Another tragic story coming from NXT is none other than Eric Young, as well as his former faction members. Sanity was an extremely successful faction on NXT and included the current Women’s Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross. Unfortunately, the main roster saw no quality in the gimmick and soon Eric Young would be transformed to a jobber and just another plain-looking wrestler. What a waste!

From Los Matadores To Shining Stars To The Colons

The Colons

The WWE never really knew what to do with Primo and Epico Colon. First, they appeared as Los Matadores from NXT, alongside El Torito. Then, the company decided to change their gimmick to Shining Stars, only to change it again shortly afterwards to The Colons.

Let’s be honest, the Los Matadores gimmick worked, it just never got any real attention. Their bookings were horrible and the crowd never really stood a chance in getting to know them. Another waste of good talent.

Fan Favorite Natalya

You may argue that Natalya is an A-list superstar with a role in a reality TV show and plenty of respect from management and the WWE Universe. I beg to differ though. Even though she is beloved by the universe, when did she last get a championship belt around her waist? It seems Natalya’s sole purpose is to boost new talent. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but I believe she deserves so much more after years of loyal service to the company.

Russian Bombshell Lana

The Ravishing Russian Lana has always been a major attraction for male viewers. Yet, you have to search long and hard these days to see Lana. She has certainly tried to catch the eye of WWE management again; this by changing her hairstyle as well as training more to become a bonafide wrestler.

As was shown in Total Divas some time ago, Lana has been rejected by WWE management time and time again. Despite working extremely hard to be taken seriously, she is always put in the background. While some may find Lana “annoying”, I admire her work ethic and her ability to reinvent herself to grab the spotlight.

More Forgotten Wrestlers

There are many wrestlers I have not mentioned in this overview yet; this goes from Lince Dorado and Mojo Rawley to No Way Jose and Sin Cara. The current roster is littered with people who are not being used the way they should be. Just look at the WWE’s current main roster and ask yourself when you saw certain wrestlers for the last time…