Surprises In Store At Clash Of Champions 2019?

Clash Of Champions 2019

Clash Of Champions should be a decent pay-per-view, providing there are not too many last-minute changes. Or, too much interference by people backstage. Either way, we think there might be some surprises at the pay-per-view. These what we believe is likely to happen.

Sasha Banks Wins The Raw Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks

Even though Becky Lynch has been a dominant champion, the return of heel Banks could throw a spanner in the works for her. In fact, a heel champion could make a good story for Hell in a Cell. Therefore, it is no stretch of the imagination that Sasha Banks could take the title Sunday.

While Sasha Banks could take the win legitimately on her own, it might be better for Becky if Sasha won due to Bayley’s interference. There are many angles that could work and maintain Becky’s status as a serious competitor at the same time.

The Miz Becomes The Intercontinental Championship Again At Clash Of Champions

The Miz

Shinsuke Nakamura is an amazing wrestler, but I hate to say that I’m somewhat bored with his championship reign. Unfortunately, it is not due to him. It’s due to the way the title has been booked in recent weeks.

The Intercontinental Championship needs The Miz to elevate the title again. So, it would not be a huge leap if The Miz is crowned as the new Intercontinental Champion at Clash of Champions.

Rowan Wins No Disqualification Thanks To Daniel Bryan

What To Make Of Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns And Rowan?

Roman has been built as a powerhouse that is difficult to defeat, but that does not mean it cannot happen during this pay-per-view. A no disqualification match primes the stage for some heel interference. I believe the true mastermind – Daniel Bryan – will appear during this match and help Rowan take the win.

The OC Interferes In The United States Championship Match

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, And Karl Anderson

Even though Cedric Alexander is getting a serious push, I do not think the title will change hands. Instead, the OC will pull some serious interference to ensure that AJ Styles retains.

The OC have been doing great in terms of entertainment. Heel Styles brings something unique to the table and the Good Brothers have been placed in the forefront where they belong. I’m not ready for this to end.

Charlotte Ends Bayley’s Title Reign At Clash Of Champions

Charlotte Flair

Bayley’s new character has just started developing, but the WWE is undoubtedly thinking about SmackDown Live’s move to Fox. While Bayley is not a bad champion by any means, they might be thinking in terms of a standout, dominant champion with an outstanding amount of title reigns. Charlotte fits that bill, so it is likely she will be the one to dethrone Bayley.

With Bayley losing her title, the stage is set for her to get involved in the storyline between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. She could even turn against Sasha Banks in time. If Sasha takes the Raw Women’s Champion, it could mean Bayley takes the Raw Women’s Championship later. So, losing the title on SmackDown Live is not necessarily a bad thing for Bayley. At this point, her character needs to go just that little darker.

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