Stone Cold Reveals His Favorite Match From Clash of Champions

Steve Austin

It is not uncommon for WWE veterans to give their opinion about pay-per-views and the matches on the card. This time, Stone Cold Steve Austin has given his opinion on Clash of Champions and revealed his favorite match of the night. He chose the match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch as his favorite on the card.

Becky And Sasha Are Two Of Stone Cold’s Favorites

Becky and Sasha


Stone Cold Steve Austin had a lot of praise for the women’s matches from Clash of Champions. However, he mentioned that the match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch was his favorite one of the night.

“I love Becky and Sasha, two more of my favorites out there going for the RAW Women’s Championship. And they put in some time and they told a hell of a story.”

“And it was probably, well it was, the match of the night. So congratulations to those two ladies.”

Praise For Charlotte And Bayley

Charlotte and Bayley

It is no surprise that Stone Cold Steve Austin also had some praise for Charlotte and Bayley, even though the match was too short for many fans, myself included. Nevertheless, Stone Cold talked about the positive elements of the match.

I know the Charlotte and Bayley match was a very short match and Charlotte is such a machine. She was just, like, so geared up. She has this presence about her. You’re looking for, like, 20 minutes out of her, minimum. She’s just that kind of person in the ring and she was charged up and amped up.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin also had some really kind words for Bayley and her transformation since turning heel.

“And Bayley goes down there as the champion and just has this big smile on her face because she is very content with what she did the previous week and ends up stealing a win over Charlotte. It was a short match, but I certainly enjoyed that match.”

Stone Cold Loved The Storytelling During Clash Of Champions

Seth Rollins WWE

I have to be honest, I thought the storytelling during Clash of Champions was a little thin, except for the match between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. However, it seems like Steve Austin completely disagrees.

In addition to praising Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch, Stone Cold had some good words for the male competitors at Clash of Champions, too. The Texas Rattlesnake also praised Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler, who captured the Raw Tag Team Championships during Clash of Champions. He also mentioned how Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman managed to tell a brilliant story.

Stone Cold’s full podcast can be listened to via The Steve Austin Show.

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