SmackDown Live Riddled With Problems Before Fox Launch

SmackDown Live

The WWE has provided quite the inconsistent product with SmackDown Live lately, and it could cost them viewers once the blue brand moves to Fox. These are some of the most dominant problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Fickle Heels On SmackDown Live

Daniel Bryan

SmackDown Live seriously lacks some credible heels. While it did have a winner with Daniel Bryan, the company recently decided to give him another face turn. While it could all be a work for a future feud with Roman Reigns, it does influence Daniel Bryan’s credibility as an established heel.

Daniel Bryan has not been the only heel who has suffered continuous heel and face turns. AJ styles is another prime example, who was turned both heel and face when he was on SmackDown Live. While Styles is an excellent heel now thanks to the OC and his decent mic skills, he is currently on Raw.

Meaningless Matches

The Kabuki Warriors

The heel and face problem of the blue brand is just a minor issue. One of the biggest problems plaguing the SmackDown brand is the lack of meaningful matches.

There is a lot of top talent on the blue brand, yet most of them are stuck with meaningless matches. A prime example is the top team “Kabuki Warriors.” Even though this team consists of experienced and popular wrestlers Asuka and Kaire Sane, the team has yet to have an interesting match on the main roster. They have tons of potential, yet they are wasted on the SmackDown brand.

From the past couple of years, it has been clear that the company is only interested in pushing the “Four Horsewomen.” While this is not a problem, it does put other major talent on the bench.

Weak Storylines

Kevin Owens

The meaningless matches being offered on the blue brand certainly have something to do with the weak storylines being served on a weekly basis.

Over the past couple of months, there has been a lengthy storyline between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon. Unfortunately, this has not done Kevin Owens any favors, as this story has been going on for way too long.

Other storylines that are a major draw for the audience are often cancelled in record time. A prime example is the past feud between The Miz and Shane McMahon. Even though they put down one of the best pay-per-view matches in recent history, the feud only lasted for a short time. So, even when the WWE has a winning feud, they cannot seem to capitalise on it further.

Television Time Cuts

SmackDown Live mustafa ali

With SmackDown Live, there is also a problem with many superstars being left backstage. As mentioned earlier, Kaire Sane and Asuka are prime examples. Of course, there are many more wrestlers who are forgotten, such as Ali, no matter how popular they are with die-hard wrestling fans. SmackDown Live is so focused on attracting casuals, they are forgetting about the die-hard fans, pushing them away from the blue brand.

Once SmackDown Live starts on Fox, the direction of the WWE will become clear. Let’s just hope they implement the needed changes.

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