Renowned Coach Says Donald Cerrone Needs to Stop Fighting “This Frequently”, Following Latest Loss

Donald Cerrone continues to keep a ridiculously, busy fight schedule, 50 fights into his pro-career. But, one of the most respected striking coaches in the game, Ray Longo, believes “Cowboy” should take some time off before fighting again.

Cerrone’s latest loss

Cerrone faced fellow lightweight contender Justin Gaethje earlier this month at UFC Vancouver, and was stopped in the opening round. Cerrone argued the stoppage was a bit early, and said he was still aware of where he was. But, the consensus seems to be  the ref saved “Cowboy” from eating more, punishing shots. The loss was Cerrone’s second straight, as in June, he lost via TKO to Tony Ferguson (via doctor stoppage).

Longo’s comments about Cerrone

Recently Longo appeared on Jon Anik and Kenny Florian’s podcast. While talking about Cerrone, and his habit of fighting – seemingly all the time – Longo said this (quotes via BJ Penn.com):

“They gotta stop him from fighting this frequently,” Ray Longo said. “Bro I used to love listening to him, it’s starting to sound crazy to me now. ‘The best thing about it is I get to wake up tomorrow and do it again.’ Do what again? You just got pummeled. Like I get it. He loves fighting, He’s an adrenaline junkie. I look at when they’re doing a special on him. He’s jumping off a building, he’s a firefighter. I feel like what a boring piece of sh*t I am. I look at that and I’m like, ‘I gotta do something. I gotta go skydiving or something.’”

“I kinda worry for him at this point,” Longo continued. “I like the fighting, there’s no problem with that but man wait four or five months. Not just every five weeks or three weeks. At this point now the losses are backing up and he’s had some damage in the last six months. It’s crazy.”

Now, it should be noted that Longo isn’t the only person to express concerns about Cerrone fighting so often. In the past, Cerrone has taken fights that didn’t really appear to further his career, other than provide him a paycheck and boost his reps with fans.

Prior to facing Ferguson, Cerrone had won three in a row and looked great in all of those contests. But, he did take some heavy shots in the Ferguson fight and against Gaethje as well. Further, Cerrone is now 36, and as noted above, 50 fights into his career. So, questioning whether he should still be having four, five fight campaigns seems to be a valid concern.

All that said, what are the chances that we Cerrone fight again before 2019 is up? 80, 85%?

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