Lacey Evans Has “Terrible” Experience With A Canadian Police Officer

Lacey Evans

Before elaborating on this event, we must mention that there is a lot of controversy around this story. While it was believed that the story was real when it just came out, turns out it might just be a work by Lacey Evans, who was in Canada at the time to wrestle. Lacey had to put up a statement on her social media to tell everyone it was a work. Yet, it doesn’t make it any less amusing. Here is the story.

Lacey Evans Faces Traffic Ticket For Speeding In Edmonton

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. Lacey Evans was allegedly pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Edmonton, Canada. In the video, Lacey Evans remains in character and calls the police officer a nasty. She also states that Canada is terrible and asking the police officer if he knows who she is. Evidently, this video has caused an uproar in Canada. Canadian fans feel that Lacey Evans has disrespect their country and their police force. But no worries people, because it was all fake.

It is unclear at this time if Lacey was stopped for a traffic ticket and then asked the police officer to play along, or if she called upon the local police force. The first is most likely, as she seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Some statements have been released since the incident, hinting that it was indeed all a work.

Confirmed by Lacey Evans and Sergeant Estrella, the video was an agreed work between the police officer and Evans. However, a work was denied on Sunday morning by Corporal Chris Warren, who said:

β€œI can’t answer for her, but it’s a legitimate traffic stop from our end,”

The statement does seem to add a little more info to the mix. It is likely that Evans was indeed stopped for speeding, but then saw an opportunity to shine. Either way, I found it entertaining and it has people talking about her. So, hats off to Lacey.

Lacey Evans Joins Military Makeover

Many people forget that Lacey Evans is ex-military. So, it is evident that she took the opportunity to give something back to veterans and military families. To do so, she joined Military Makeover. As you may have guessed, this show is all about helping current and former soldiers bygiving them a decent home to live in.


The sad thing about it all is that Lacey Evans is getting so much backlash from fans for her gimmick and the fact that she’s joined Military Makeover for season 19. Look people, it is a nice thing to do. Even though it does promote the WWE and Evans, how can you be “nasty” about this? People forget that wrestlers are people too and that there is a person behind the gimmick. Heckle her at events if you have to, but don’t do it when someone tries to do something nice for someone else. As for the police stop incident, you have to give her 10/10 for creativity.

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