Tickets for the weekly NXT show on Wednesday are now officially on sale. The shows are starting on September 18th of this year. There are also show tapings for NXT USA Network shows, for which tickets will be sold until December 18th. With tickets on sale at Full Sail University, the rumors about the WWE pulling out of the event are now officially dispelled.

NXT Will Remain At The Full Sail Arena

NXT Full Sail Arena

With AEW travelling to a new city every week, fans were speculating that the WWE would pull out their Full Sail Arena location. It was expected that the brand would be travelling on the road, much like AEW. However, this rumor has now been dispelled with the latest tickets going online.

Interestingly, AEW will be holding its events in much bigger arenas than the WWE, who currently remains at Full Sail University. Considering the clout the WWE has in the wrestling world compared to relative newcomer AEW, it could be a sign for some interesting things to come.

Two-Hour Wednesday War With All Elite Wrestling


Even though AEW confirmed they did not want a war with the WWE, but would get one just because they exist, the war is set to start now on September 18th. Evidently, NXT will not release any new episodes until October 2nd, so if you want to see the action live, you will have to watch the events in person.

“The move to USA Network provides an opportunity to deepen our relationship with NBC Universal and further build the NXT brand.” – Vince McMahon

NXT does stand a decent chance to win the war against AEW as things stand now. However, potential interference by Vince McMahon has many fans running scared. The worry came after a statement made by Vince McMahon, which seemed to hint at Vince wanting to turn the developmental brand into another Raw or SmackDown.

“Over the long term, our goal is to develop a following that can be monetized to the same level as our flagship programs, Raw and SmackDown.” – Vince McMahon

If Vince gets his way, I doubt NXT stands a chance in the Wednesday night wars. However, if Triple H remains at the helm of the developmental brand, then we could get some interesting wrestling indeed. Both me and my other half prefer watching NXT and we have little interest in main roster wrestling anymore. The effects of making a deal with Saudi Arabia and neglecting the homebase crowd has had a devastating effect on both brands, let alone the constant irrational changes, frequent camera switches during matches that could make the most experienced sailor seasick, and neglected superstars on the main roster. If the WWE is to compete with its NXT brand, I recommend to Vince not to touch a product that is working. Keep Triple H as the head of developmental and let him continue to deliver a product that speaks to the audience. Only if this is done, can NXT win the Wednesday night wars and continue to be a strong wrestling brand.