NXT Call-ups Changing + Superstars Not Eager To Make Main Roster?

NXT Call-Ups Changing?

-In the last couple weeks, a lot has been changing in WWE, with much of that change impacting the company’s youngest brand. As was announced last week, NXT will switch from an hour long weekly taped show that we’ve known. Instead, come mid-September, the show will become a two hour, live program being broadcast on USA.

While WWE has denied that this move is in response to All Elite Wrestling’s Wednesday program, debuting later in the year, most fans see the move for what it is-the start of the Wednesday Night Wrestling Wars.

With the stakes seemingly high, Wrestling Observer made an interesting comment recently: could NXT call-ups, as we know them, change?

The reality here is, NXT call ups have been different essentially for the past year, dating back to late 2018. It was then that WWE made the unexpected move to call up a handful of NXT Superstars, most of whom took a while to really be used.

WWE then followed that up by bringing up a few bigger names in February, and the idea of NXT call ups has been skewed since. Shayna Baszler seems most likely to be next up, but with a bigger show and bigger audience, NXT call ups may not be as frequent in order to keep the brand flush with strong talent.

NXT Superstars Not Eager To Move Up To Main Roster?

-Normally, fans would think an NXT Superstar would love to jump to the main roster and work on either RAW or SmackDown.

In another report via Wrestling Observer, that’s not so much the case at the moment with NXT.

They go on to explain the thinking, and they had good points.

For starters, with NXT moving to USA, the talent on the black and yellow brand will be getting some semblance of a pay raise, which offsets the bump they’d get with a call up.

For another, the opportunities to shine on the main roster aren’t as apparent as they are if talent sticks to NXT. RAW and SmackDown have a lot of underused talent already.

With things fixing to change up in a few weeks, this will be very interesting to watch!