Matt Serra’s Not Down With Dana White’s & Joe Rogan’s Comments About Conor McGregor, Following Latest Incident

If  you’ve been minimizing what transpired in Conor McGregor’s latest incident, which has been making headlines for multiple days, then it looks like Matt Serra might have some words for you.

McGregor’s latest controversy

As you almost certainly know, McGregor has been back in the news, but not because he has a UFC fight lined up. Recently a video was released which showed the star punching an elderly man in a Dublin pub, after the man reportedly turned down a shot of McGregor’s whiskey, and words were exchanged. McGregor has apologized for his actions, but since it’s not the latest incident involving the fighter, questions remain about the former champ’s mindset.

Serra’s comments

Since the incident was reported, McGregor has been understandably, blasted by many, and there’s also been a lot of commentary on why it happened. Well, during a recent episode of the UFC’s “Unfiltered” podcast,  Serra had this to say about McGregor’s apology, as well as comments Joe Rogan and Dana White have made about the star (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Is he upset that he got caught or is he upset that he did it?” Serra said. “He’s saying all the right things but only time will tell and his actions will tell in the future. . .He’s young. Hopefully he gets his sh*t together.”

“I mean, Joe Rogan was talking about, ‘he’s got $100 million in the bank,’ and Dana’s talking about how smart he is. You know, I don’t give a f*ck about that if he’s not a good person,” Serra said. “Who gives a f*ck? Like dude, I’ll tell you right now, man, if I had a $100 million in the bank, I’m pretty much doing everything I’m doing right now. Like, is that what it’s really about?”

“The guy’s throwing dollies at f*cking things with fighters in it and ‘Thug Rose’ was in the first seat, could’ve had her face destroyed, he’s mushing officials, he’s smacking an old man, or punching him, and like, ‘Oh, well he made a lot of money for himself.’ Really? So what does that mean? What the f*ck does that mean? So that excuses it? What does that have to do with him being a decent human being?”

“I don’t give a f*ck if he’s brilliant. What the f*ck does that mean? For people to say he’s brilliant, so everybody should be doing this sh*t? That’s where I have a problem with it. Yeah, he’s made all that, that’s awesome that he’s done that, I’m not hating on it, but it doesn’t give you a certain right to disrespect guys…”

Serra also questioned whether another UFC fighter, who isn’t a mega star, would have been punished by the UFC if they were documented sucker punching a senior. It’s a fair question and concern. As it stands right now, there’s nothing indicating that the UFC is going to discipline McGregor.

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