Jorge Masvidal’s Manager Calls Leon Edwards’ Claim “Fake News”, Latter Fires Back

Following Leon Edward’s claim that Jorge Masvidal has turned down a fight with him, and that he’s making some big demands, “Gamebred’s” manager is calling “fake news”.

According to Edwards, Masvidal has punted the UFC’s offers to fight him. In addition, Edwards has taken issue with Masvidal’s hopes to secure a title shot or a bout with Conor McGregor. He’s also said the contender is demanding a ton of money, none of which, Edwards thinks Masvidal deserves.

Masvidal’s manager responds

Well, following Edwards’ comments, Masvidal’s manager Abe Kawa tweeted out this:

#fakenews we were never offered a fight with Leon as we already negotiated a title shot after the askren win. This is a desperate attempt. Yes Jorge next fight is for the title. as for “demands” it can’t be a demand if it was already agreed to before he fought askren. Thanks

That prompted this response for Edwards (warning: explicit language):

shut your lying mouth you fat fuck. stop trying to protect your boy and stop your desperate attempts to be tough on twitter your quiet as a mouse in person

Dana White’s Says Colby Covington’s next for a title shot

So, now it will be interesting to see what comes next. UFC President Dana White has already said Colby Covington will fight champion Kamaru Usman next, and he’s also said Masvidal’s going to be offered another fight. Further, White’s shot down the possibility of a Masvidal – McGregor bout, by claiming the latter is too small for “Gamebred”.

All the animosity between Edwards and Masvidal is tied to the backstage scuffle they had back in March.