Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier 3 at 205? Dana White Will of Course do It

Dana White and many others, have repeatedly said they’d rather see Jon Jones – Daniel Cormier III go down at heavyweight. But, if the stars insist on fighting at light-heavyweight one more time, not surprisingly, White won’t get in their way.

Talk of a third fight continues

Ever since Jones’ 2017, stoppage win over Cormier was overturned to a no-contest (due to a USADA flag), there’s been talk about the rivals fighting for a third time. After all, Cormier retained the light-heavyweight title as a result of Jones’ issues with USADA.

But, then Cormier proceeded to take the heavyweight title from Stipe Miocic last summer, and eventually, he vacated the 205 belt. That prompted calls for Cormier – Jones to take place at heavyweight, and White made it clear he was a fan of the idea. A key reason for the proposal being that we’ve seen Jones defeat Cormier twice at light-heavyweight, so, having the fight take place at heavyweight would provide a compelling, twist.

Jones and Cormier see it differently than White

Jones, however, has said he doesn’t see why he should face Cormier at heavyweight, since he’s the champ at 205. “Bones” has even conceded that fighting Cormier at that weight would give his rival an advantage. Cormier, meanwhile, has said that if he fights Jones again, he would do it at 205, since that’s the weight class Jones beat him in.

Well, recently White was asked once more about the proposed bout, and the weight it should be at. Here’s what he had to say (quote via MMA Junkie):

“I want that fight at heavyweight so bad,” White said. “They won’t do it. Not only has Jon said no, Cormier has said no because Cormier doesn’t want to beat him at heavyweight. And I was just like, ‘If you beat him at heavyweight, you can just fight him (again) at 205. We’ll probably watch that fight 10 times if you guys want to fight 10 times.’ They won’t do it.”

“Listen, I’ve got Jon Jones, who’s the greatest ever. You’ve got Cormier, also one of the greatest ever. Both been champions forever. I’m not gonna (expletive) fight with them. If they want to fight at 205, I’m not gonna fight with them. Whatever. Two of the biggest kings ever in the history of the sport, if that’s what they want, that’s what they get.”

Yup. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. While lots of fans would love to see Jones – Cormier III at heavyweight, a third bout at 205 would move a lot of pay-per-views as well.

But, first things first, and Cormier needs to get by Miocic this weekend at UFC 241. Further, if he takes some serious punishment in the bout, or narrowly wins, it wouldn’t be that shocking if “DC” retired. After all, we’re already several months past Cormier’s 40th birthday, and for years, he said he wouldn’t fight beyond it.