The man who once faced John Cena and made a grand entrance at WrestleMania with a genuine Russian tank has all but disappeared from the main roster. Despite his best efforts, the WWE is showing little interest in the Bulgarian Brute.

Rusev Talks Candidly On The Lilian Garcia Podcast

Rusev and Lana

During the Lilian Garcia Podcast, Rusev spoke candidly about his current role in the WWE. As expected, Rusev is quite frustrated with it all.

“I do want to look my best, I do want to be at my best ’cause I do want to be WWE Champion, I do want to be on top. I don’t want to be forgotten, but that’s what irks me, I do all these things but nothing changes. And that’s where the frustration comes. Alright then, what am I supposed to do? Cut my hair? I did that. It was not a good decision. No, I love the short hair but I got a few uncles that [didn’t like it]. I’m just trying to do something to catch Vince McMahon’s eye, with this, with that I’m trying.” – Rusev on the Lilian Garcia Podcast

Rusev is not the only one who has disappeared into the background in recent months. Unfortunately, Lana has been in the background, too. I have always liked Rusev and Lana, so this is quite sad to me. The WWE always had a winning gimmick with the Bulgarian Brute and his manager The Ravishing Russian Lana, but it seems they are far from interested in doing anything with it.

Based on how things are going for Rusev at the moment, I would not be surprised if both Rusev and Lana leave the WWE in a couple of months time. They might be better off in AEW, and at least we would be able to see them perform. At the moment, we’ll have to make do with past appearances and “Total Divas.” 

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Rusev is not the only disgruntled employee in the WWE. Kalisto and Gran Metalik had more than enough with the WWE’s “don’t care” attitude. While the tweet has now been deleted, Kalisto tweeted “10 months…#freeagent”, to which Gran Metalik responded “Me too carnal”.

Another WWE superstar who is far from happy with his current position is Apollo Crews.

“I wanted to come in here and shock the world, I guess you could say. I felt like I would have done much more at this moment in my career. But I’m still young—I’m about to be 32 in a couple of days—and there’s still a lot of time. I’m still very patient and understanding in how the process works. I trust the process.” – Apollo Crews for The Wrap

While Apollo Crews is quite patient at the moment, I do not think this is the case for Kalisto and Gran Metalik. There are lots of opportunities for these high-flyers outside the WWE. Dare I say, they could find a new home with AEW wrestling. Time will tell if this will happen.