Drew McIntyre Tells An Unbelievable Story From His Childhood

We do some strange things when we are children. So, a strange childhood story from a WWE superstar is not that unusual. That being said, Drew McIntyre recently told a whopper of a story to TheWrapwhich would beat most of our unique childhood stories in a heartbeat. Curious what Drew McIntyre did as a kid? You will have to read on to believe it!

Drew McIntyre Contacted The FBI When He Was 11 Years Old!

Drew McIntyre

To truly understand how an 11-year-old would contact the FBI, we need to look a little deeper in Drew McIntyre’s story. During the interview with TheWrap, he revealed he had a subscription to a magazine called X Factor. The magazine featured conspiracy theories, unsolved crimes, and even UFO’s. One of the articles in the magazine covered the Freedom Of Information Act or FOIA. The magazine also included a sample letter, which he sent of to the FBI. Drew McIntyre tells the rest of the story better.

“Sure enough, I get home from school one day and my dad was just waiting for me — which is unusual for him ’cause he’s always at work, my mom had told him — and he had this giant stack of papers on his lap and he said, “Son, I have to talk to you.” And I’m, like, “Oh my God, what has he found out? What have I done?” And he said, “Why are the FBI–” he kept saying “in America”– ‘Why is the FBI in America sending you these documents?” “I asked for them.” “Why again, son, are the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation IN AMERICA, sending these to you?” “Dad, because I asked for them.” He’s like, “You’re 11 years old!” – Drew McIntyre during his interview with TheWrap

McIntyre’s story is unusual to say the least, but what is even more unusual is that the FBI sent such a big stack of documents to an 11-year-old boy. Still, it seems the Freedom Of Information Act is working. However, Drew did mention that a lot of the documents he received contained plenty of blacked out information. Despite the redactions, it is still impressive an 11-year-old managed to grab that info!

From Strange Kid To WWE Superstar

Drew McIntyre

Drew may have been a strange kid, but he has done quite well for himself as a WWE superstar. He had plenty of exposure lately alongside Shane McMahon and is – at least in my opinion – one of the company’s top heels. Unfortunately, Drew does not have a match at Summerslam just yet, even though he is one of the most interesting people to watch on the Raw brand.

Maybe the fact that McIntyre will not be at Summerslam is not such a bad thing, as the pay-per-view has been under fire by numerous wrestling fans and reporters. Many claim the card is underwhelming with little storytelling in the background, and I cannot really disagree with them. There are still some reasons to tune in though, more specifically for Trish Stratus’ farewell match against Charlotte Flair. Still, it would have been better if conspiracy expert Drew McIntyre was a part of it.

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