Dana White Says Relationship With Nate Diaz is Great, Despite Star’s Issues With UFC

If you’ve followed Nate Diaz over the years, then you know the outspoken fighter has voiced his displeasure with the UFC over various issues. But, according to UFC boss man Dana White, his relationship with Diaz is just fine.

Diaz’s issues with the UFC

Even before Diaz’s two, massive bouts with Conor McGregor in 2016, the Stockton star let it be known he wanted to get paid more. So much so, Diaz sat out for a while in search of getting a better deal. Even back then, Diaz was one of the more popular fighters in the MMA circles, and he wanted to be compensated appropriately.

More recently, Diaz has been critical of how much the UFC promotes him (or lack thereof), and he’s claimed the company wanted him to “vanish”.  Diaz has also argued that the UFC favors McGregor, and that the promotion hasn’t offered him compelling match-ups.

White’s comments about his relationship with Diaz

Well, in advance of Diaz’s fight this Saturday with Anthony Pettis, White had this to say about his relationship with the brash fighter (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“It’s funny – I did this interview the other day about Nate,” White said. “Nate’s one of these guys that, he has this personality where it’s like he’s saying ‘(expletive) you’ to The Man, but he never says ‘(expletive) you’ to The Man. Every time I’m around Nate, he’s a good kid, and I’ve always had a good relationship with Nate, a personal relationship with Nate.

“He’s tough to deal with on the business side, but personally he’s a good guy. And whatever you want to say about the Diaz brothers, when they say they’re gonna fight, they sign the bout agreement, and they show up and they fight. So I don’t see any problems.”

This is somewhat interesting to hear, since Diaz clearly doesn’t have a problem letting people know – to their face – when he has an issue with them. But that could be on the fighting side of things. In other words, in cases where a bout in the Octagon could actually materialize…

But, that aside, Diaz should be credited for using the social media and interviews as effectively as he does, in terms of vocalizing his issues. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Diaz or not, he’s certainly been a vocal critic of fighter compensation, and not every fighter can say that. Further, while everyone would love to see Diaz fight more often, he clearly sticks to his guns.

UFC 241 will take place in Anaheim, California. In the main event, heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier will take on Stipe Miocic.

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