Could These WWE Superstars Be Leaving for AEW Next?

We may be seeing some migration from the WWE soon

Rusev and Lana

There are certainly a lot of disgruntled wrestlers in the WWE at the moment, so there are plenty of people who may be getting ready to leave. Still, out of the entire batch, we believe these wrestlers are most likely to leave the WWE for AEW.

WWE Cruiserweights Kalisto and Gran Metalik

WWE Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado

The most obvious choices from the current roster are Gran Metalik and Kalisto, who basically tweeted they are waiting out their contract at the moment. While the tweet has now been deleted, Kalisto tweeted “10 months…#freeagent”, after which Gran Metalik replied, “Me too carnal.”

WWE Tag Team the Revival

WWE The Revival

Even though rumors have somewhat simmered in terms of The Revival leaving for AEW, many people still believe that they will make the switch sooner rather than later. The hashtag #FTR – trademarked by The Revival – is regularly referenced on social media by AEW big guys Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. If the tag team leaves the WWE in 2020, it is likely to be for AEW.

Impact’s Biggest Superstar EC3


Everything should have gone right for EC3 when he returned to World Wrestling Entertainment. He enjoyed great success on NXT, but soon as he came to the main roster, he was nothing more than a jobber. Ethan Carter III has hinted at being unhappy several times on social media, so I would not be surprised if he left for AEW or Impact Wrestling as soon as his contract runs out.

Cruiserweight and Manager Lio Rush

Lio Rush

Lio Rush had some serious problems with the WWE backstage, as there have been stories of Rush rubbing other superstars the wrong way. As we have not seen Lio Rush since April 15, a departure for the cruiserweight is more than likely to happen.

Jobber Apollo Crews

WWE Apollo Crews

Talk about wasted talent. While he does not have a working character yet, nobody can deny the wrestling ability of this man. If the WWE would put some extra work into his character, he could be a major success. Unfortunately, nobody is paying attention to Crews, despite his visible talents. It may only be a matter of time for Crews to go to AEW, where he would be appreciated.

Ex-Wyatt Family Member Luke Harper

More WWE Superstars Asking For Their Release?

It has been revealed that Luke Harper requested his release from World Wrestling Entertainment on April 16. Since then, we have not heard anything from Luke Harper. The company is currently stretching out his contract, adding time due to his injuries. Needless to say, the company is trying to prevent Luke Harper from joining the AEW roster.

The Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian – Rusev and Lana

Despite being a major success in the past with countless brilliant gimmicks such as the Bulgarian Brute and “Rusev Day”, the WWE seems uninterested in using Rusev and Lana to their maximum potential. Both are trying desperately to be noticed by the WWE, but with little success. Maybe AEW can provide a home for the two where they will be appreciated and used? I would love to see more of Rusev and Lana, but so far I’m not getting it.

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