Who Attacked Roman Reigns On SmackDown + Making Seth Rollins Cool?

‘-Last night on SmackDown Live, the show ended in a bit of chaos. Fans were being built up for a show-closing interview segment between Kayla Braxton and Roman Reigns, with Reigns expected to announce his SummerSlam opponent, or throw out what his PPV plans might be.

Instead, we got some odd, suspense-ruining camera angles and promo work, leading up to a whole bunch of set pieces “crashing down” on Roman Reigns. Post-event, Reigns seemed like he wasn’t sure quite how to sell the terrible segment.

What we did not get before SmackDown went off air? The identity of the would-be attacker.

Based on what went down on RAW this past Monday, most would assume it would be Samoa Joe. This would make sense, and would tie in to a possible SummerSlam match.

However, some fans posted screen caps to social media, and the wrestler seen nearest the incident isn’t Joe at all.

It’s apparently Buddy Murphy.

While WWE might want to give Murphy a push, this one would be unexpected and potentially massive…or, they’d be setting him up to bury him with Reigns. Neither scenario makes a lot of sense at this moment…but WWE might be inclined to ignore photographic evidence and run with the Joe narrative. Stay tuned.

On RAW, one big take away was the hellacious beating (complete with some crazy spots and bumps) that #1 contender Seth Rollins took from Brock Lesnar.

What might have been lost in all that? Rollins’ interaction with the Street Profits earlier in the show.

Per Wrestling Observer, having Rollins speak with the NXT Tag Champions is another way WWE is desperately trying to make Seth Rollins “seem cool”.

On one hand, that interaction seemed so odd and random and forced-not going to make anyone look cool that way.

On the other hand, if Rollins is losing traction…look out for a heel turn.