Urijah Faber

It was with great fanfare that Urijah Faber retired. After all, he’d earned the right to sail off into the sunset. But apparently the UFC wanted the Sacramento hero for their Sacramento show, so Faber return to co-main event UFC on ESPN+13. His opponent, Ricky Simon, was a young buck whose biggest win was against Rani Yahya, so sure, why not?

Well, it took all of :46 seconds for Faber to get wobbled, then drop Simon with a right to the dome and swarm him with punches for the TKO. Understandably, all of Faber’s fans went nuts–including the cageside commentators.

But far greater damage was done than the trauma inflicted upon Simon’s head. Because now all those dudes who’ve retired have been given a ray of hope. If Faber can do it, why not them?

Ugh. It was great seeing Faber win, but I hope he goes back to just coaching. Someone is going to get hurt.