Thiago Santos Can Never Beat Jon Jones… Because of the Picograms

Brazilian striker Thiago Santos may have had his ups and downs in the Octagon, but he’s tough, skilled, and amassed enough wins to earn a title shot against champ Jon Jones. But when the two meet in the main event of UFC 239 this weekend, the sad truth is that no matter what, Santos can never beat Jones.

Because, you know, of the picograms.

Sure, sure, the science behind it all alleges that the amount of steroids still floating around in Jones’ body is ridiculously small. Yet, this isn’t so much about a chemical advantage the champ may have (note: this is all assuming Jones doesn’t fall ANOTHER drug test for even more steroids). No, the whole picograms thing points to a systemic advantage that Jones will always have. As long as he’s a pay-per-view draw, he’ll always have the UFC doing their best to make sure the show can go on when one commission refuses to sanction him.

He’ll always have the UFC making their drug screening czar tell the world about trace amounts and whatnot to play down the fact that Jones is a cheater.

Ultimately, no matter who stands in the cage opposite the light-heavyweight champ, they’ll always be at a disadvantage. Because the playing field will never be level. The UFC will always have Jones’ back. Him and his picograms.

Anyway, here’s some hype vid on Santos.

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