The WWE Network Is Getting A Major Makeover To Appease Fans

WWE Network

The WWE Network is quite successful among wrestling fans. That being said, fans have complained about some issues with the network. In order to appease fan complaints, the WWE is planning a makeover for their application.

WWE Network Is Getting A Sleek Design

WWE Network

Pro Wrestling Sheet is the first wrestling website who managed to conquer a sneak peak at the new design that is set to be implemented. The dominant red colour of the network has disappeared and has made room for a sleek black design. The navigation bar has been moved to the left and there will be a superstar landing page, featuring the current champions and their featured matches.

Simpler Pay-Per-View Section

WWE Network pay per views

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the pay-per-view section of the WWE Network will become simpler, which is great for those looking to catch up on a missed event. When you open up a pay-per-view, you will be getting some thumbnails at the bottom; this enables you to go to any match or moment within that pay-per-view with the greatest of ease. If only there was a live skip button whenever Brock Lesnar comes on…

Better Search Feature

WWE Network

I have to be honest, I do not care much about the design and even the pay-per-view thumbnails, even though they are good ideas. What I do care very much about though is the better search feature.

In the past, I have looked for specific segments of superstars. For example, the segment with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T in the supermarket. Finding it however was a mammoth task, as you got pages and pages of results with the actual segment nowhere in sight. Well, this is about to change.

If our colleagues at Pro Wrestling Sheet are to be believed, the new WWE Network will have a better search feature. No more endless page scrolling for me!

The VIP Tier

WWE Network

This is something I am a little dubious about. Whenever I hear VIP tier, I am thinking money grab. Most likely, you will have to pay more for a VIP subscription, but it does give you access to content similar to the 10th anniversary celebration of EVOLVE. Is it worth it though? We will have to wait and see. Still, my main question is if this VIP tier will influence your ability to stream the WWE Network on various devices? Of course, the VIP Tier is just a rumor at this point and there is no official confirmation from the WWE.

When Will The Changes To The WWE Network Happen?

They have already started. According to the WWE website, the update rollout for the WWE Network is starting today. Checking the network myself, I did notice that the signup page is temporarily unavailable. So, keep an eye on your network and let us know what you think about these changes.


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