Stone Cold Steve Austin

In wrestling history, it is difficult to find a wrestler that is more popular than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Evidently, this means he could not be missing from the Raw reunion show. While preparations are being made for the epic reunion event, Stone Cold Steve Austin has been one of the first names revealed to appear.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Makes The Announcement On Twitter

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The appearance of Stone Cold Steve Austin during the reunion show is not just a rumor, as the wrestling legend has revealed he will be attending on his social media account.

Other Legends Scheduled To Appear At The Reunion Show

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kevin Owens

In addition to Stone Cold Steve Austin, there are other legends who are scheduled to appear at the reunion show. Here are some of the additional legends that should make an appearance during the Raw reunion show.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan

This is the obvious choice for the Raw reunion show, as Hulk Hogan is one of the most recognised mainstream wrestlers in history. Even though he had some problems with his image in the past, many fans are looking forward to seeing the Hulkster during the reunion.

Ric Flair

Another wrestling legend that cannot be missing from this event is Ric Flair. With a wrestling career spanning over more than forty years and a track record at Jim Crockett Promotions, World Championship Wrestling, World Federation Wrestling, and even Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, there is little Ric Flair has not done in his life.

Shane Helms

I am very excited to see Shane Helms again. Better known under his WWE name, The Hurricane, he is one of the most fun people to watch in the ring. Even though he dropped his superhero gimmick when he left the WWE, he is expected to appear as The Hurricane during the reunion show.

Jerry Lawler

The legendary commentator and wrestler will make an appearance as well. Until this day, I genuinely miss Jerry Lawler on commentary, so I hope he will be doing some commentary for the reunion show.


Even though Christian still has a role within the WWE, right alongside his tag team partner Edge, it is always fun to see a little more of Christian whenever possible. Over his career, he has won numerous championships; this includes the WWF European Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, ECW Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and many more.

Ted DiBiase

Undoubtedly one of the greatest heels in wrestling history, who in fact created his own championship called The Million Dollar Championship. Interestingly, he held the WWF World Heavyweight Championship after purchasing it from none other than Andre the Giant. This was certainly one of the most interesting “wins” in history.

Other Legends You Will See During The Reunion Show

There are more legends who are set to make an appearance during their reunion show; this includes Sgt Slaughter, Santino Marella, Jimmy Hart, The Boogeyman, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. More names are expected to be released in the weeks to come.