Stick a Fork in Luke Rockhold Because He’s Done

Pretty boy Luke Rockhold was middleweight champ for the briefest of moments before Michael Bisping came and clobbered him. He’s been sitting on the sidelines a lot since then, coming back to defeat David Branch and get KO’d by Yoel Romero, and at UFC 239 last night, the somewhat douche-y fighter thought he’d give the light-heavyweight division a try.

It did not go well.

No longer one of the bigger guys in his weight class, Rockhold thought he could out-grapple and–even worse–out-strike Jan Blachowicz. But the Polish fighter avoided trouble whenever Rockhold tried to cuddle him, and when they threw leather…

The former 185-champ was simply lacking in power, speed and technique, and not long into the second round, Blachowicz fed him a heavy dose of knuckles that put him down and out. (And possibly even broke Rockhold’s jaw.)

Rockhold talked a moderate amount of crap in the lead-up to this fight, and got sent home like a scrub. I don’t think there’s a home for him at light-heavyweight, and his window at middleweight is shutting fast. Maybe he should stick to modeling and leave fighting to the young bucks?

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