Psycho Sid & Brock Lesnar RAW Notes

‘- There was one advertised legend for last night’s RAW Reunion that noticeably did not show up, and that was two-time WWE Champ, “Psycho” Sid Vicious. According to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, there was no information given on the “why” around him not showing up, but Sid apparently did give the WWE notice that he would not appear on the Reunion show several days before it was set to be taped.

While Sid was initially advertised, the WWE did know he would not be showing up before they created the graphic for the show’s T-shirt (seen below), and Vicious was not featured on promo materials leading up to the event.


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Interestingly enough, Sid wasn’t the only absence fans took notice to. Monday Night RAW’s Universal Champion Brock Lesnar did not show up to last night’s RAW Reunion as well, and he wasn’t backstage either, according to Wrestling Inc. While Lesnar is a part-time talent, and WWE did not advertise the Beast for the Reunion, according to the report, Tampa’s Amalie Arena did announce that he would be at show last Thursday. No word yet on why Lesnar was not in attendance; however, the fact that he wasn’t a part of the RAW Reunion was a bit of a disappointment to some fans and continues to drive the point home around the reason why many don’t want to see him hold high-level gold on RAW or SmackDown LIVE.

– One person that did bother to show up, and became one of the highlights of the event, was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and his promo that closed the show. It was a perfect way to end a pretty flawless RAW episode.

Well, the WWE Hall of Famer jumped on Twitter today to thank everyone from the fans, to the live crowd, and all the legends that participated in the show. See tweet below: