Paul Heyman Continues To Move RAW In The Right Direction

Doesn’t it feel good to watch an entire episode of Monday Night RAW and feel entertained? Not as if you are going through the motion of three hours, but whizzing through that time as if you are on a water slide or roller coaster at a theme park!

The Red brand once again knocked it out of the park this week with the July 29th edition of RAW, and according to report, this was the most-influenced Paul Heyman episode to date, which makes sense as to why it was so amazing.

Making History

Many on Twitter were perplexed with the idea around kicking off the show with mixed matched tag action and that 24/7 Championship; however, the story did go somewhere, and I liked how the show started off slow and ended with a huge bang.

I may be in the minority here, but I like the fact that Maria Kanellis snagged the 24/7 title on so many different levels. It was time to move on from Maverick versus R-Truth, and the mass superstars that followed title holders backstage, in the arena, and everywhere else. The storyline around the championship has been an incredible one, but it was a time to move on and take a different angle. Maria holding that title not only changes direction of this storyline, it also enhances on her current arc with hubby Mike. Also, it’ll keep fans on their toes wondering how she will lose the belt, eventually. I also love the fact that she made history last night, being the first pregnant woman to ever hold a title; this storyline proves that the WWE is serious about changing the way women are viewed in the company, and adds to the Women’s Revolution that continues to move along.

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Elevating Superstar Via Amazing Matches

Last night had some incredible matches in the triple threat tag titles bout, gauntlet match, and I enjoyed Becky Lynch versus Alexa Bliss. Moreover, these matches were not only entertaining, but they elevated many superstars. Bliss got massive heel heat (she has been flip-flopping between heel and face as of late), and Nattie showed more savageness by coming in to save The Man and then laying the Sharpshooter on her; while, Ricochet won the gauntlet, amazing performances were had by Rey Mysterio and Andrade as well; the OC finally regained gold greatness, and with their titles win, they not only once again were elevated as a serious tag team threat in the division, but now it’s all gold (and nothing but gold) for their OG Club faction.

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Tons Of Gruesome Action

So, the WWE has always stated that they aren’t really into blood and extreme violence, so last night’s attack on Seth Rollins by Brock Lesnar may seemed hypocritical. Having said that, I enjoyed it. Yes, it crossed the line a bit, and I’m hoping that Rollins is okay, but maybe the fact that many of us aren’t sure if he’s alright is an indication that they did their job (and well) last night. Not to mention adding an element of shock and surprise.

Brock landed in more heel hot water, Seth Rollins is coming up as an underdog heading into his SummerSlam match, and the WWE Universe is wondering if the Beastslayer can once again accomplish the unthinkable; pinning Lesnar to regain Universal Championship gold. Leaving the audience with question marks is a good thing.

Honorable mention goes to the ambush of The Usos and Roman Reigns backstage by Samoa Joe and the OC, as well as all the incredible spots (looking at you Cedric Alexander) during the closing match.


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