Nope, Frankie Edgar Couldn’t Get It Done

Anything can happen in a fight, and anything can happen in the fight game, but last night’s UFC 240 main event was probably the last time we’ll ever see Frankie Edgar challenge for a belt. Which is a bit sad–especially since the effort he gave against incumbent featherweight king Max Holloway was pretty good. However, that’s just the way it goes when age, mileage, and some very tough opponents, make these belts just out of reach.

Against Holloway, Edgar faced all the usual problems he faces when taking on taller, rangier fighters with great outside strikes.

Edgar did get a takedown in the third, and threatened with more takedown attempts throughout…

…But when you’re not too worried about grappling, you can throw leather with confidence–which Holloway did.

There was no mystery when time ran out about who deserved the decision. Which isn’t to say that Edgar still isn’t pretty damn good at fighting, and is a pretty big fan-favorite to boot. But as for fighting for a belt again…?

Remember last night, folks. Remember it well.

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